Wednesday, November 02, 2011


toucan illustration - coloured engraving

hand-coloured engraving of toucan

Le Pignancoin no. 7

Le Petit Toucan, a ventre rouge no. 8

bird illustration: south american toucan

hand-coloured south american toucan book illustration

book illustration of toucan

colourful engraving of toucan

19th century illustration of toucan

south american toucan illustration

toucan engraving

Le Tocard no. 9

Le Toucan a Collier jaune no. 4

'Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et des Rolliers, Suivie de celle des Toucans et des Barbus' -- François Levaillant ; Jacques Barraband ; Perée, Jacques Louis ; Grémillier ; Bouquet, Louis, Paris : Denné le jeune / Perlet, 1806.

All the images above were background cleaned fairly meticulously. More to come*.


MrCachet said...

I knew there was a good reason I like this place!

Patrick said...

Did you know that three of these make a six-pack?

(Bad joke. But it seems to always get a laugh.)

I really look forward to your emails. Thanks.


judykluanemal said...

Hi there, I have a lithograph( I think) of No 6 Toucan, I bought it and 2 parrots(Variete du Lori a collier + Le Perroquela Calotte Bleue) and enjoy them. I am thinking of moving things around in the lounge, my new plan would put my Toucan in the light from the window.. I was thinking this would highlight the pic. Then thought "oh it might fade", Do you know if my lithograph is a cheapy or should I keep it out of the light? If they are cheapies I could try to get more toucans, as I my google search has shouwn all the ones above and they are great, I would love to get more.. I like the proud Toucan pic more than the green/yellow red/green budgie ones. Whatever result I am going to check out all the other birds that Levaillant, F. and Barraband did so good, I have learnt something, Thanks in advance, judy

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