Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Illustrated Fables

la fontaine title page



milkmaids and donkey riders

2 dressed dogs

arguing runaway children

boys with guns and a pipe

ant and grasshopper

This 56 page book of traditional childrens' fables from ~1900 with illustrations by the great Maurice Boutet de Monvel is online at the Library of Congress. They have enormous images available if wanted - hence, clicking the above images will give larger versions. Fulltable have an abbreviated set of english pages in thumbnail format. Also see previously: Vielles Chansons.

100 Years of Illustration on Maurice Boutet de Monvel, from last year.

And while on the subject of kiddywinks...

pots arguing


Sam Wallin said...

Have you ever come across a book called "Slovenly Peter" - it's German, from the mid 1800's, and has great illustrations.

If you want to see the cover, it's on amazon under "Struwwelpeter in English Translation" The author is Heinrich Hoffmann.

peacay said...

Thanks Sam, I posted the famous image from it a while back -- a year and 2 days ago in fact.

I'm about 84% certain the whole book is online but I have never actually gone looking for it...or I've just noticed it in my peripheral vision in passing.

I may have to add it to the backburner, unofficial, foreverchanging, written-in-thin-air, often forgotten list of things that passes (badly) for a future post plan. Or the other list - the things half remembered that I sorta think I should perhaps go looking for sometime when I have time or when I remember.

Yes, I could still do with a secetary.

Sam Wallin said...

Hey, you're right - I found it here, along with some other German kids books.
Of course, these scanned images lack the aesthetically pleasing quality that many of your images have - on this site you can't see the paper the images were printed on.
Plus, the site has wonky navigation, and the images load slow.

lotusgreen said...

great post great selections--thanks

M said...

Thanks for the mention, PK!

Hernan said...

Hi! I'm hear!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the illustrations in this one. Very nice:)

peacay said...

Cheers all!

Sam, thanks for that site. It has (very) inadvertently led me to some weird old Japanese science books which *might* generate a post (see, this is how my haphazardness manifests).

pita ou franck said...

Hi Paul
I've find for Sam "Struwwelpeter" in German and English version and good size picture , I'm sure to have see other version but where, where?this one on the great "fulltable" :

and here to :

and a version with a girl :

peacay said...

Patricia, I think you must work for Fulltable ;- )

Thanks for the links - I thought Braunschweig Univ. would have it - that is probably where I saw it before.

Anonymous said...

i love you and your blog.

peacay said...

Heh. That's very kind of you to say so.

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