Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Wer kommt?
(Who's Coming?)


book illustration of father holding child at night at her bedroom window

chromolithograph of postman delivering mail to child

coloured children's book illustration of vegetable seller delivering goods to house kitchen

butcher delivers meat to house kitchen

chimney sweeps climb stairs in house towards children on the landing

baker delivers cake to household

coloured lithograph of upper class Victorian couple visiting household

woman selling papers approaches child outside house

milk maid pours milk in kitchen near child

chromolithograph of old lady in doorway and housewife bringing her a vessel (?charity)

young male shoe repairer approaches house with swag of boots

'Wer kommt? : ein Buch für Kinder von 3 bis 7 Jahren' (Who's Coming? - a Book for Children aged 3 to 7 Years) is online at the State Library of Berlin. There are a few illustrations at the site not displayed in this post. The images above were cropped slightly from the full page layouts.

These delightful chromolithographs detailing the house visitors were produced by Julie Conz to accompany short verses composed by Julie Neunhöffer. This high quality book was issued by the Attenkofer Publishing Company in 1910 in Straubing in Lower Saxony  Bavaria. There is very little else by way of web mentions of the authors or the book - WorldCat lists this book as the only publication by either of the Julies. [I thought I saw a sale for ~€3000 but I can't re-find it so maybe I imagined it]

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Julia said...

Lovely, thank you!

Will, 50Watts.com said...

Lovely indeed, even the endpapers. The Pushpin guys must have a library full of books in this style.

peacay said...

The quality is what I expect of late 19th c | early 20th c. Philadelphia/New York printing. I'm not sure I've seen such good quality German book lithos from around the same date (or [m]any other places for that matter). This is the sort of book you expect to see on the Library of Congress site. (having said that, the illustrations I omitted had some slight multi-stone ghosting [like you see in newspaper comics] so it's not a perfect copy.

Evelyne said...

So lovely.

Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick or anything, but Straubing is in Bavaria, not Lower Saxony.

peacay said...

Ha! Not at all. That's an example of me not being able to read and remember from one browser tab to the next one. Thanks - I'll change it. *My kingdom for a secretary!*

Anonymous said...

some of the pictures remind me on Carl Larsson. Very similar style.


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