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Atlas Title Pages

titlepage with ornate monument and classical figures
Title: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
Creator: Abraham Ortelius
Published in Antwerp, 1650

painted Spanish atlas titlepage with classical statue strewn pseudo-fireplace mantle design

Title: Atlas Nuevo contiene Todas las Partes del Mundo, adonde Sono exactamente fefialados los Imperios, Monarchias, Reynos Estados, Republicas, y los Pueblos que al presente se conocen
Creator: Sanson
Publisher: Georgio Gallet, Amsterdam, 1699

nautical-themed, triple-vertical-divided atlas title  page
Title: Atlas containing ye Best Maps of the severall parts of the World collected by Phil: Lea who selleth all sorts of Mathematicall Books and Instruments
Creator/Publisher: Phillip Lea, 1580 ~1690

painted atlas titlepage with cosmos and earth and classical gods and figures shown
Title: Atlas Novus Terrarum Orbis Imperia, Regna et Status exactis Tebulis Geographice demonstrans, Opera Johannis Baptistae Homanni
Creator: Johann Homann
Publisher: M.P.?, Nuremburg (undated but late 17th/early 18th c.)

titlepage with astrological, colonial and royal motifs
Title: Ioannis Ianssonii Novus atlas, sive Theatrum orbis terrarum : in quo tabulae & descriptiones omnium regionum totius universi accuratissime exhibentur. In quinque tomos distinctus
Creator: Jan Jansson
Publisher: D. V. Bremden, Amsterdam, ~1649

titlepage of atlas with colonial, royal and nautical motifs
Title: Cinquième Partie du grand Atlas, contenant une parfaite description du monde maritime, ou hydrographie générale de tout la terre, enrichie des particularities de la Navigation tant Ancienne que Moderne, avec un excellent et curieux tableau du monde des Anciens
Creator: Jan Jansson
Publisher: D.V. Bremden, Amsterdam, 1657

Incomplete hand-painted titlepage (Blaeu): military figures in monument alcoves and coat of arms above
Untitled/incomplete title page
Creator: Joan Blaeu, Amsterdam, 1645

title page: ornate funereal-like monument adorned with classical figures
Title: Livre Troisieme des Villes Principales du Monde
Undated and anonymous (according to the source site) but possibly by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenburg from the late 16th c.

astronomy/colonial/discovery-themed atlas titlepage
Title: Nouveau Theatre du Monde ou Nouvel Atlas (Tome Second)
Creator/Publisher: Iohannem Iansonium (Jan Jansson), Amsterdam (undated but mid-1600s)

painted architectural monument featuring classical statue designs
Title: Atlas Gerardi Mercatoris et Ivsti Hondii Cosmographorum mortem dolens
Creator: Gerhard Mercator
Published by Jodocus Hondius, Amsterdam, 1633

The Artz Atlas Title Pages are among the Oberlin College Digital Collections - [FB Artz bio].

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