Saturday, September 02, 2006

Batch Processing

Starry Night'Starry Night' © Tom Harper [via things]

maori bulldogThis made me laugh. It comes from the interesting
combined museum, library and cultural Puke Ariki website
in Taranaki in the north island of New Zealand.

by shibuya© Shibuya

by finn c-notman© Finn C-Notman

by christian montenegro© Christian Montenegro

by christian montenegro a© Christian Montenegro

The Dutch Uncle creative management agency have a formidable
stable of graphic and typo illustrators and they provide ample material
from each artist. (Christian Montenegro's site is well worth a visit too).

stencil print

stencil print aI posted images from Ren and Yu Ping previously and
it's a shame that the digitization quality hasn't really improved
at Hong Kong University for their latest exhibition:
'A Quest for Harmony - Stencil Prints by Yu Ping and Ren Ping'.
It's still worth perusing nonetheless.

portrait of a girlSir Peter Lely: 'Portrait of a Girl', a chalk drawing c.1670-1680
(the subject is thought to be Elizabeth Seymour).
This arresting sketch reminded me of the young Kirsten Dunst
in 'Interview With the Vampire'. Evil or cute - could go either way.

Allegory of the Transience of LifeMaster IAM of Zwolle (c.1440-1504),
'Allegory of the Transience of Life', coloured engraving on vellum.

The British Museum Images is an excellent database to browse.
The above 2 images come from the Prints and Drawings section which
has more than 500 works online, covering a wide variety of styles and periods.

bookeeping ex librisThis ex libris was swiped from the Hyde Collection Catablog
('The Worlds Greatest Samuel Johnson Collection, One Book at a Time')

Tree of Love'Tree of Love'

follies[very simiar to this image from the Frisian childrens' books post]

the money devil[There's a chance I posted this before - I did
post a slightly different version of this image previously]

bavarian great hall
I'm afraid I don't have any information about the above 4 images
(you'd think, after doing this for so long, that I would make a point of
collecting details as I wander randomly around the web) - my best guess
is that they come from the Universität Augsburg, but I'm really not sure.
[Addit: I see now from the URL that the last image comes from the UK Art & Architecture site]

flowers of the bad one' Die Blumen des Bösen' (Charles Baudelaire) -
Illustration by Carlos Schwabe 1900.

faust geometric figures' Faust I' (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) -
Illustration by Edmund Brüning 1895.

'The above 2 images come from an excellent set of galleries at
Der Literarische Satanist ... im Garten der Hyacinthe with high
resolution jpegs of literature illustrations by such luminaries as
Félicien Rops, Edouard Manet and Hans Holbein, among others.
The site title gives a hint as to the twisted nature of a lot of the images.
(via The Cartoonist)

eritrean book image
eritrean book image a
eritrean book image b
eritrean book image c
The above illustrations are from Eritrea and are among the digital
book collection in 'Eritrean Print and Oral Culture', hosted by the
University of Alberta. (via and part of Streetprint Engine).
Unsurprisingly, the collection is imbued with something of a
melancholy feel, reflective of the wars of recent times.

metal bindingSilver binding from 'Evangelie Naprestol’noe Moskva, 1689.

keyboard tablature on woodMusical manuscript. Ante 1528. Musical notation:
old German keyboard tablature. Beech wood.

design for polychromy in natolin salonVincenzo Brenna: 'Projekt polichromii ściany w Salonie
twartym, zwanym także Owalnym, w Natolinie'
[Design for Polychromy in the Open (Oval) Salon at Natolin].
1781 Pen, brush, India ink, watercolour. Ribbed paper, backing.

The National Library of Poland have a wonderful exhibition for download called
'More Precious Than Gold' featuring the treasures of the library. These include
maps, engravings, bindings, illuminated manuscripts, book images and ephemera.
Humbul Hub have a short review and direct link to the 9Mb pdf file. The first half
of the file consists of images with brief descriptions and there are essays about
each of the items in the second half. All of it is in english. Highly recommended.


xenmate said...

By God you have an eye for the insanely beautiful!

Thank you for sharing these marvels!

Santiago Mansilla said...

i agree with xenmate!!
a lot of beauty

lotusgreen said...

the chinese stencil drawings are charming. how often do you revisit a site?

peacay said...


Lotusgreen, there are some sites that I know either have a large catalogue (so revisiting is always fruitful) or that change exhibits regularly (so I might miss plunder if I don't get back there occasionally); but more usually, as in this case, I was alerted by some place more efficient than myself having kept tabs on changes and posting about it somewhere or other that I frequent.

I *think*, in this case, I was playing around with searches at the new UK portal, Intute.

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