Monday, March 13, 2006

Elsa Beskow

Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) is one of the most well known of Swedish childrens' books illustrators. She is said to have been greatly influenced by Walter Crane.

Addit: From Karl's comment, the original title of this book is: Putte i blåbärsskogen


M said...

Thanks for showing these pictures, PK. I had seem some of Elsa Beskow's work before, but nothing as good as this. And thank you so much for the very useful tutorial, excellent! :)

Karl N Fagerlund said...

Nothing wrong with the german lanuage, but the original titel is "Putte i blåbärsskogen". There's no reason not to use the swedish titel since it's not translated to english anyway.

peacay said...

You're welcome Mariana.

Thanks for the translation Karl.

2 reasons I posted the german title: the book at Traumstadt is actually in german and despite doing some minor searching, I couldn't readily identify the original swedish title. So thanks, I'll add the title to the post.

Anonymous said...

And the English title now available is "Peterin Blueberry Land".

peacay said...

Indeed it is.

Amy said...

I have a friend who has a large illustrated print from one of Elsa Beskow's books. I have not been able to find any prints available. Are they very rare?

peacay said...

Amy, I really couldn't tell you. I can only suggest you email a few print shops and maybe rare book shops just asking generally. Sorry, the only answer I could give would be at the end of the same google you have ;- )

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Did you have any luck finding the Elsa Beskow prints? I am also searching for a copy/limited edition.


Timeless*Quality*Classics said...

Hi! I'm doing research on an Elsa Beskow book that I have. I do believe it's a First Edition of Pelle's New Suit. I've been researching for 3 days now and have yet to come across one to compare. Unfortunately, there is no Publisher identification, nor are there any dates. Just the last page which indicates the Printer in Norway. Anyone have knowledge of the First Edition of this book?

I'll check back in to see in the next couple of days. Thank you!

peacay said...

I imagine it would help if you posted images of the covers and any distinguishing pages (title/printer location at least).

My suggestion would be to write an email to the people at
My *guess* is that they are the vestiges of the 'Dreyers Grafiske Anstalt' publisher in Stavanger which appears to be the original publisher. (apologies if I'm passing on known info. or a dead end or the like)

Ro said...

Hi, I'm doing an exhibit on children's lit. illustrators and am looking for info. on Beskow--your links are no longer active; do you have any other sources of information (in English or German)?

peacay said...

Sorry Ro, I don't. You might try putting these dead links into the wayback machine to see if anything has been retained. But otherwise I'd just be doing what you'll be doing: G*O*O*G*L*E* (!!)

Ben said...

For info on Elsa Beskow in English go to

Unknown said...

Do you know that there were also some editions of this book in Russian?

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