Monday, January 22, 2007

A Twist of Reed

Tails with a twist

A nice beast is the crocodile

The albatross is most unfair

The zebra is a perfect jewel

He never hits you with his wing

In vain you argue or protest

His life is a complete disgrace

Prehistoric peeps cover

No bathing today

"No Bathing To-day"

Primeval pantomine
Primeval Pantomine! It certainly was disconcerting
when the REAL Animal suddenly turned up in the stage box!

A day in the country
A Day in the Country. Even a little Holiday
Outing was not wholly free from Risk!


The Fortuitous Anomalies of Fancy Dress
"Fat woman with chimney sweep"
Pencil drawing for 'The Graphic', with caption of :
'The Fortuitous Anomalies of Fancy Dress : The most
unlikely collocations take place at Fancy Dress Balls. That this
gentleman should be the chosen escort of "Madame de Pompadour"
(of Wimbledon) for instance'

Artist and illustrator Edward Tennyson Reed (1860-1933) was a Punch Magazine contributor from 1889 until his death, despite retiring as parliamentary caricaturist in 1912. He reintroduced something of the grotesque to the Punch profile and had a deft hand at sketching facial attributes amidst often absurd scenes.


Bibi said...

Albatros remind me a dodo. :)

pita ou franck said...

Thanks for the chimney

Unknown said...

What's the story behind the 'tailpiece'?

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