Friday, February 10, 2012

East Asian Designs

East Asian Designs - bird roundel

East Asian Designs - bird roundel a

East Asian Designs - stylised birds

East Asian Designs - stylised birds a

East Asian Designs - bamboo frame

East Asian Designs - bamboo plant

East Asian Designs - pine tree

East Asian Designs - fans

East Asian Designs - fans a

East Asian Designs - abstract organics

East Asian Designs - flowers

East Asian Designs - flowers a

East Asian Designs - butterflies + flowers

East Asian Designs - horse

East Asian Designs - young woman

East Asian Designs - young woman a

East Asian Designs - leaf roundel

I'm afraid I don't recall where these stylised organic line drawings came from. They were scanned a couple of years ago from a library book but I didn't keep the details. Such is life.

Previous line drawing designs: Ancient Designs - Mexico + Peru ::: Native North American Designs.

At delicious bookmarks: Japan.

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Sue VanHattum said...

Looks like a Dover coloring book to me.

peacay said...

I don't think it's from Dover coloring books, although it's of a similar type. I can't for the life of me remember : it's just one of those dusty old folders hidden away on the back shelf of my hard drive.

hahahaha哈 said...

The Chinese characters on it is strange.....

anacoluthons said...

Those are lovely. Based on they seem to be from a book called Persian Designs by Jane Greenwood.

peacay said...

It's not that book but it reminds me that some of these craft design books have crossover (or maybe assimilated) image designs. But the majority of images above in the post are certainly not Persian in origin.

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