Friday, August 06, 2010

Native North American Designs

The great majority of the designs below were sourced from traditional craft and art works made by native American tribes of the Pacific North West of the United States and Canada. These include the Tlingit, Kwakiutl [now called: Kwakwaka'wakw] and Haida peoples.

abstract bird in profile

Tlingit - Thunderbird

Native American symbol
NW Coast - Hocker design

abstracted animal/human motif
Haida - Orca

totem motif
Kwakiutl - Raven

circular design a
SW America - Swastika

stylised motif
Haida - Mythic Raven

bird motif
Kwakiutl - Thunderbird

beast face
Kwakiutl - Killer Whale

Kwakiutl - Thunderbird

Haida - Thunderbird

stylised bird face
Kwakiutl - Thunderbird

bird's head profile
Kwakiutl - Raven

stylised beaver
Kwakiutl - Beaver

abstract animal
Haida - Bear

twin birds
Haida - Double Raven

circular design
Kwakiutl - Squash Blossom

[Although the designs themselves are traditional and (presumably) in the pubic domain, copyright over the actual images is claimed by the producer of these designs and the publisher: Maarten Hesselt van Dinter and HvD Publishing. The images are available here for so long as there is no objection: no response to emails from either party has been received in relation to obtaining permission to post the images here.]

I came across a couple of HvD books and the (essentially random) selection above constitutes about one tenth of the available designs from the combined dvd and text-less 2006 publication called: 'Native Designs from North America'. More from the other book (South America) in the next week or so.

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Anonymous said...

These are wonderful. I like how some of them suggest entirely different creatures, and not just by embedding them; Kwakiutl (Thunderbird), for example, reminds me strongly of a crab, while Haida (Double Raven) is like a double toucan. And Kwakiutl (Raven) makes me think of Jim Woodring...

peacay said...

Toucan! Exactly. I nearly put that in as a placeholder image title but then realised that toucans are at least a couple of thousand kilometres away from the tribal area.

Nancy Mattoon said...

The modernity of these is startling, and yet they remain distinctly tribal. Can't wait for the second set.

amybradley said...

Very well done, I have colored quite a few mandala's that are very similar to most of these. Being of Native American decent myself, I can say it is very nice to see some of this done on a blog. Thank you, great blog!

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