Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Turkish Costumes

Turkish Costumes j

Turkish Costumes

Turkish Costumes a

Turkish Costumes b

Turkish Costumes c

Turkish Costumes d

Turkish Costumes e

Turkish Costumes f

Turkish Costumes g

Turkish Costumes h

Turkish Costumes i

Turkish Costumes k

Turkish Costumes l

Turkish Costumes m

{click through to the full size images: touched up slightly}

This 17th century album, simply entitled 'Turkish Costumes', is hosted by the Digital Library of Poland [thumbnail page]

There are more than one hundred figures depicted -- probably a cross-section of Constantinople middle to upper class occupations -- in Ottoman/Turkish garb with original illustration titles in Arabic script. Later Turkish and French handwriting provide translations (presumably) of the occupation names.

I haven't really had a good look through these but SCA have compiled a selection of links related to Ottoman costumes.

Previously, in general: costumes.


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These are great! Thanks for posting!!!

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Très intéressant votre blog !

Béatrice de Lausanne en Suisse

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