Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hortulus Monheimensis

Hortulus Monheimensis 00127

Hortulus Monheimensis 00023

Hortulus Monheimensis 00027

Hortulus Monheimensis 00305

Hortulus Monheimensis 00257

Hortulus Monheimensis 00245

Hortulus Monheimensis 00117

Hortulus Monheimensis 00147

Hortulus Monheimensis 00095

Hortulus Monheimensis 00085

Hortulus Monheimensis 00069

Hortulus Monheimensis 00065

Hortulus Monheimensis 00209

17th century florilegium

Hortulus Monheimensis 00035

watercolour flower sketch

'Hortulus Monheimensis' - [BSB Cod.icon. 31] is hosted by the Bavarian State Library. [click 'Miniaturansicht'] The watercolour sketches appear in the first ~300 pages of this manuscript (the rest are blank) with an illustration every two pages. It's one case where I consider the downloadable pdf to be the superior quality alternative to the website jpeg images (the link is top right of the landing page - 66Mb).

This handsome florilegium was commissioned in 1615 by Wolfgang P Brandt, a local governor or magistrate from Monheim in the east Bavarian region of Donau-Ries*. It is a rather unique record of a Renaissance garden - in this case the Monheim Palace Gardens - but unfortunately the fold-out plan of the estate wasn't digitised because of conservation issues.

For the early 17th century, this manuscript presents mostly naturalistic specimens - albeit, sans root structures - and it's fairly easy to identify many of the species. It was probably inspired or at least influenced by the great 'Hortus Eyestettensis' from 1613.


Unknown said...

Beautiful. Keep it up! :-D

DHD Design Studio said...

Exquisite, many thanks. I hope there is not to much dust in the air.

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come sempre il buon gusto è di casa!

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Simply fabulous, don't stop what ever you do. Thanks for a great blog.

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