Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tyukanov Revisited

Fish-Island by Sergey Tyukanov

'Fish-Island', 1991

The Moon by Sergey Tyukanov

'The Moon', 2006

Musicians by Sergey Tyukanov

'Musicians', 1985

New Stomatology ex libris by Sergey Tyukanov

'New Stomatology', 1996
[The perfect ex libris for any dentist]

Nemesis of A.Durer by Sergey Tyukanov

'Nemesis of A Durer', 1997

Pawns by Sergey Tyukanov

'Pawns', 1985

Project Grasshopper by Sergery Tyukanov

'Project Grasshopper', 2006

Alchemist by Sergey Tyukanov

'Alchemist', 1986

Baba-Yaga by Sergey Tyukanov

'Baba-Yaga', 2005
[Russian fairy tale]

Hommage a Hendrik Avercamp by Sergey Tyukanov

'Hommage a Hendrik Avercamp', 1988

Flying Bottle by Sergey Tyukanov

'Flying Bottle', 2005

I posted about this Russian artist about 18 months ago, when reaching the sites carrying his etchings, drawings, paintings and ex libris prints was a very time consuming process. But Sergey wrote to advise that he has a new slick site with high resolution images available. I love the retro fantasy folk whimsy.


Karla said...

Yes, those are very fine!

kate said...

So glad you featured him again -- I wasn't quite captivated the first time, but now I am hooked! Thanks!

P'tit-Loup said...

What wonderful images you have here! I have never visited your blog before, but I will certainly do so in the future! Just my wierd take on the visual, but the bear being slayed below, at first I identified as a cat getting accupuncture ;O)

Moon River said...

goodness me- these fantastic images are like a magical deja vu with ones childhood

Elatia Harris said...

I see an influence of Maurice Sendak in this wonderful stuff -- anybody agree?

DinoThesaurus-Rex said...

I'm speechless. Es un trabajo maravilloso, realmente fuera de este mundo, grandisimo hallazgo

Reese Zollinger said...

Nice post again. I've never seen these images before, nor heard of their author. It truly amazes me that work like this can exist underneath the shadows of pop culture, when they are so pressing and present (and I would add, wholly post-pop).

Thanks again, BibliOdyssey.

spacedlaw said...

Thanks for posting these. (I particularly liked the Moon).

bioephemera said...

Amazing stuff, as usual. Love the giant grasshopper.

Paul said...

Reminds me strongly the Codex Seraphinianus, by italian artist Luigi Serafini. Have you ever posted anything about him ?

hugo der knabe said...

marvelous art very meticulouslly made working,there is a similar artist from bratislava,peter klucik,visit him.

peacay said...

Paul, I've posted a couple of images from Codex Seraphinianus but I note that the whole book was put on flickr recently. It's a delicate copyright matter however.

Thanks Hugo. Monsterbrains did a post on Kluick last year. All the images online are not very big unfortunately.

Marco Siegel-Acevedo said...

These are wonderful. The surreal whimsy reminds me of the work of Peter Sis.

pRiyA said...

thank you for your beautiful blog.
i am hooked.
i was wondering if you have come across books by andrea dezso. they were the first bookart specimens that i ever saw and i still think her work is amazing. here is the link:

peacay said...

I've posted a couple of images from Andrea Dezsö before. Great stuff.

Unknown said...

Very very interesting, fabolous!

Unknown said...

Artifact Puzzles sells some of Tyukanov's paintings as puzzles.

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