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Of Monsters and Maidens

Femme Assise Fumant l'Opium

"Femme Assise Fumant l'Opium"
1823 crayon drawing by Alexandre Bida

Une loge d'Actrice
"Une loge d'Actrice" by Victor Giraud
watercolour sketch 3rd quarter 19th cent.

Jeune Fille Masquée
"Jeune Fille Masquée" by Henry Monnier
1859 charcoal and watercolour sketch

[from a search on 'femme' and 'dessin' at Joconde.
Toujours cherchez les femmes.]

early design for a truss
I didn't collect the details on this one - I presume it's
an early design for a truss, perhaps 17th century.

early device to reduce fractures
Again, I didn't copy any information. It's a device to reduce fractures.

[both of these come from the extensive image database at
Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Médecine (BIUM)]

Théodoros, Roi d'Abyssinie
"Théodoros, Roi d'Abyssinie"
in 'La Lune' 22 December 1867

Monstre multiforme by Fortunio Liceti
"Monstre multiforme"
Fortunio Liceti 1634

Monstre dans la forêt des Ardennes
'Grande découverte d'un monstre
extraordinaire dans la forêt des Ardennes'
In: "Monstres humains, Géants, Nains, Centenaires, hommes
extraordinaires, singuliers, et autres bizarreries de la nature"(undated)

Poisson Aérostatique
'Poisson Aérostatique' 1784
I believe this was in a letter from Louis St Juste
to one of the Montgolfier brothers.

It seems Le Visioscope image website at Rouen Library have added
another section 'Bêtes Curieuses' since I last posted book and print
images from there. Or I was completely blind last time I visited?

Historia Germaniae
"Historia ; Ius Germaniae ; Ius Principum ;
Cautalæ ; Corp Iur JBBruhl - illustrator 1729"

Unmaßgebliches Gut-Achten von Schul-Sachen
"Unmaßgebliches Gut-Achten von Schul-Sachen, Darinne
Die Requisita einer wohlbestellten Schule gezeiget und zugleich
eine gute Methode angewiesen wird..Weiße, Christian Heinrich"
And quoting the only information I could find:
"Goldschmid, Peter, fl. 1690, d. 1713.... Höllischer Morpheus,
Welcher kund wirdDurch Die geschehene Erscheinungen Derer
Gespenster und Polter-Geister. Gottfried Liebernickel. 1698 Jantz
No. 1132; Hamburg; 8. [engr. t.p., t.p.r&b, 12], 409, [35]p.;
Engr. of devil as Lord of the Flies by the author ("P. Goldsch: fec:").
Full belief in apparitions, with a large collection of stories.
Against BalthasarBekker's Bezauberte Welt & similar skeptical works."

[The above 2 images come (from memory) from some recess
or other in the Pictura Paedagogica image database]

Untitled by Harry Smith 1978
Untitled © estate of Harry Smith
c. 1978 watercolour/pen/pencil on board
[from the Harry Smith Archives {via}]

Der Ackermann aus Böhmen mashup
"Der Ackermann aus Böhmen"
by Johannes von Tepl (before 1415 but produced in 1460)
'Ploughman of Bohemia', aka: 'Ploughman and the Death'
was a humanist dialogue poem written in early modern high german.
These are 4 of about 40 similar minatures from Bibliotheca Palatina.

The adventures of Roderick Random
"The adventures of Roderick Random"
1748 2nd Ed. by Tobias Smollett.

Painting in Fresco in the Sepulchres of Thebes
'Painting in Fresco in the Sepulchres of Thebes'
In: "Travels to discover the source of the Nile,
in the years 1768-1773" by James Bruce

Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum Scotiae Thesaurus
"Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum Scotiae Thesaurus"
(frontpiece, I presume) 1739 by James Anderson

Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons
'Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons'
c. 1470–75 by Martin Schongauer at the Metropolitan Museum
(also see previously and Giornale Nuovo)

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