Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Redefining the Book

Little Red Riding Hood
Jan Hogan 1992
Lithographs on paper mounted on sixteen wooden blocks,
held in wooden box with two-part hinged lid;
each block has one letter and three printed illustrations.

Artist Book
Pierre Cavalan 1998
Pages made from metal biscuit, olive oil, etc. containers;
wooden covers bound with two copper rings; metal plaque
of copper brass and stainless steel attached to front cover

The Grub in the Wood of Time
'Four copies of this book were hand-written by the author.
Sun Evrard conceived the idea, John Tonkin designed the construction,
and the colour plates were made by Sun Evrard and John Tonkin.
Frank Wiesner supplied the wooden pages; & Serge Amburger
manufactured the hinges & assembled the wooden pages to them'

Tennis Ball
Linda Newbown 2001
Yellow tennis ball, cut in half, hinged and pages with text inserted.
"Tennis Ball is the concrete form of my thinking about
the intersection of book as an abstract idea,
as an object and as the carrier of information."

Artists' Books Online - Redefining the Book
- at the Queensland State Library.

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