Wednesday, January 04, 2006

National Diet Library Sketch Scraps

The good news is that while playing 'blind copy and paste the Japanese ideogram' at the search page in the rare books collection of the Japanese National Diet Library, I managed to find 3 sketch/scrapbooks from which I snagged these images.

The bad news is that my computer crashed before I'd finished making this post and despite going through the browser history, the site has session timeouts and there's no way on earth I can remember which ideogram I used. Damn shame - it was a nice collection of eclectic pastings and ink scribbles and paintings, with a lot of simple but elegant designs. I hope the selection here gives a reasonable indication of the qualities. One of the images above is dated 1826.
(some of these images have had their backgrounds cleaned up a bit)


Anonymous said...

gorgeous stuff (as per your usual) but i actually like the fact the original ideogram was lost... makes it more mysterious and beckons each of us to go play ideogram roulette for ourselves...

keep on keepin on peacay.

peacay said...

Heh. Thanks jmorrison but I reallllllly wish I'd saved that little indiscriminate yet unfathomable scrawly swish - I would have tucked it away in a safe place until my next blindfolded trawl.

For myself, having played at the roulette wheel on many an occasion in the past, some tendril..some miniscule thread of familiarity or ease of conduct if you will, would make a future Diet-date just a squidgin' bit easier.

*sigh* So it goes..

Best wishes for the year ahead mate.

Anonymous said...

haha you made me laugh. playing cutandpaste in the NDL is cool and fun but i havent found something this good so far.

anyway ive found this while looking for something much more boring. ive been reading your blog for a pair of months (absolute favourite, cant spend more than two hours working without coming here and browsing the archives) and i havent seen it here. maybe you know it and you didnt like it,i dont know, i think its lovely.

seeyou (like five times a day and again and again)

peacay said...

Thanks Maria - it is definitely a wonderful and unique book.

I do think it's lovely too.

;- )

Anonymous said...

oh im glad to know there are things that i havent already seen here!

Anonymous said...

There are indeed many things - but I think by the time peacay has completed another year of this, a lot of them will be linked to from here.

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