Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Art of Penmanship

"Exercises are the most essential part of a penman's daily duties. No matter how expert the penman may be, he continues to rely upon practicing exercises to retain control...As the oval is the basis upon which the capitals are formed, the student should give the direct oval a half hour's practice each day.

The ovals should be made rapidly to count or to the music of a phonograph. In the use of a phonograph be sure the rhythm is such as can be followed. A march, one step or two step is best for exercise practice. Play rapidly and keep your motion in time with the rhythm.

If your lines are wavy, you are writing too slowly. If the lines vary in color, you are using the fingers. If your letters are not uniform, you are probably writing too rapidly."

Real Pen Work - Self Instructor in Penmanship
Knowles & Maxim (publishers) 1881

The New Spencerian Compendium Of Penmanship
Spencerian Authors 1879

by Professor GA Gaskell
**read comments below**
Knowles & Maxim 1881

Palmer's Penmanship Budget
A.N. Palmer, 1919

Knowles & Maxim 1881

The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting have about 20 vintage writing books online - I only (dare I say) dipped my quill into a few today.


Anonymous said...

its yeah.
art of pen.. is great will enjoy following this

Anonymous said...

Last two posts were great, it was only today that I was pondering how to improve my penmanship.

As per your formula I write rapid.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the image of the bird from 1881 was produced by a relative (and namesake) of mine, Mr. George A. Gaskell. He was a student of Platt Rogers Spencer, and a teacher to Madarasz and Palmer (of the Palmer method).

(Except for the goatee and wavy hair, I actually look a lot like him).

Penmanship was something of a family obsession. My grandfather was once told, as a child, that he would never amount to anything in life because his handwriting was so atrocious.

peacay said...

I think one of us should buy a lottery ticket!

Thanks very much for passing on the story.

John B. said...

Thanks to your Cliopatria win (noted in Political Animal), I found your blog this morning. May many more people find your site.
What beautiful images! I look forward to returning often.

cruelanimal said...

A terrific string of posts lately. The fish image here is amazing. Had I seen it in another context, I might have thought it was computer generated. Talk about a pre-Spirograph mindset.

pita ou franck said...

Great!fantastic! I love this link so much ( I have find a little book "Receuil Méthodique de Principe d'Ecriture" I 'll scan it soon)

meggiecat said...

This is my first visit here found via Agence Eureka. Thank you for posting this wonderful link.

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