Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jenský Codex

OK I give up. Between computer, photo loading and now translating problems I've stumbled to get this far. The striking imagery seen here derives from a manuscript produced at the end of the 15th century, the Jenský kodex from the Czech Manuscriptorium. I posted another item from their collection a couple of weeks ago.

The subtitling has Antithesis Christi et Antichisti and that is certainly reflective of the total of the images present. It is definitely religious but with a great dose of poetic license to the story of Christ I learned as a youngster. He is burned on the crucifix in this rendering, unless of course that's the antichrist. There are quite a few other images involving Jesus but they are diluted by the unusual collection of devilry as above or seemingly incongruous crowd and landscape and clergy images included in the document.

Obviously its all conjecture without translation but the pattern of pictures is interesting to say the least. One further thing that I also noticed last time I was at this site - they must log the IP address because I'm unable to view any pages now except as a very small jpeg. They also employ a context menu disabler.

[click on the images for slightly larger versions]

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