Saturday, October 08, 2005

Galerie Dramatique

OK, well it seems I overlooked a few things at the University of Tsukuba website from the previous entry. From that digital collections site, there are 7 Galerie Dramatique books digitized in multiple formats (the trick for me was not to click on the thumb image in the left frame, but on the 'universal viewing' link beneath each). There are something in the order of 100 images in each volume.

The title page is viewable in the 2nd volume - Galerie Dramatique Costumes des Théâtre de Paris. And some information from a book dealer shows that they were published in 1840.
Excellent! I can't imagine where the expression 'gay Paris' derived. And the interface has a pseudoflash click and zoom arrangement.

Galerie dramatique - (t.1 | t.2 | t.3 | t.4 | t.5 | t.6 | t.7)

Addit: All these images are from the first volume. I've only vaguely scanned the others. Perhaps I'll go through them sometime and foist another set onto the airwaves.

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