Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kunijo Kabuki Ekotoba

Scene at the Entrance to a Kabuki Theatre c. 1650

Scene of Kuni's Nen'butsu dance c. 1650

I have been informed that although the Kyoto University website states in english that these illustrations are reproductions, that it is likely that it is a translation error in the explanatory notes.

The 'Kunijo Kabuki Ekotoba' or Illustrated manuscript of Kuni's Kanuki, is an important historical and artistic record that documents the classical Japanese play the kabuki.

The manuscript was retrieved from a house in the mid-19th century and purchased by the University and is regarded as the best quality of 4 surviving similar works. This type of manuscript is referred to as Naraheon as they were produced by a group of artists at various shrines in the city of Nara.

The website has digitized all of the illustrations and there is an accompanying translation of the text into english and explanatory notes. [Note: 1650 is my estimate - I'm not certain of this]

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