Thursday, September 22, 2005

Book of the Hunt

Gaston Phoebus, Count of Foix and author of the book, surrounded by hunters in The Book of The Hunt, France 15th Century.

Stags and Does in The Book of the Hunt by Gaston Phoebus, France 15th Century.

Gaston Phoebus wrote that the 3 special delights in his life were "arms, love and hunting". His c. 1388 book, Livre de chasse or Book of the Hunt allowed him to permanently record his thoughts about the latter. In 5 sections he wrote about the different types of game, training and care of hounds, how to hunt stags and other wild animals with a closing section on the art of trapping.

La Bibliotèque Nationale de France has about 80 or so images from a 15th Century reproduction of The Hunt.

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