Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jewish Library Childrens Books

The Jewish National & University Library Collection

20th c Jewish kids book

Jewish children's book 1920s

Jewish National University illustrated children's book

Jewish kids book

Jewish kids book 1920s

20th century Jewish kids book

illustrated kids book - Israel

kids book from Israel with illustrations

kids book 1900s Israel

The Jewish National and University Library in Israel have about 30 childrens books available that range from 1879 to 1928 from the subject list. [link updated Nov 2011] The majority are from the early 1920s.

Viewing the books requires a DjVu browser plugin. You can then download individual pages if you want, which are only modestly sized but enormous when opened in an image viewing program like Irfanview. (eg. a 350kb DjVu file opens to ~6000 x 3000 pixel image).

The above images are a random assortment from a dozen or so books which I touched up slightly.


xenmate said...

Beautiful stuff yet again.

Menachem Mendel said...

On-site the JNUL can sometimes be quite an uphill battle, but during the last few years their development of on-line resources is most impressive. Every month they add dozens of titles to their digital book project. I usually only look at the rabbinic material, now I know what other treasures they have.

cruelanimal said...

These are gorgeous. Every time I visit your blog I leave visually stunned.

I especially like "Floral King" -- which strikes me as very fractal.

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