Friday, February 21, 2014

Takushoku Graphic Arts

Graphic design posters by contemporary Japanese artists,
hosted by Takushoku University Arts Library [link]

All the images below were spliced together from screen shots. 
These images remain under copyright of the individual artist or their estate.

very colourful poster with transection of  human head, rainbow, flower etc
6th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition,
1975 by Kiyoshi Awazu

1960s Japanese graphic poster with typical cliche warrior face grimacing
3rd International Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Tokyo,
1962 by Ikko Tanaka

montage poster of various traditional Japanese folkloric characters and symbols
750th Anniversary of Nichiren Shu Buddhism,
2001 by Tadanori Yokoo

colourful Japanese poster featuring embellished render of grimacing Japanese man in head scarf
200th anniversary of Sharaku,
1995 by Yoshio Hayakawa

pastiche commemorative Japanese poster with graphical, photographic and cliche geisha portrait pictures
1965 → 2000 poster Gei-jutsu,
2000 by Tadanori Yokoo

symbolic poster with face in cloud, embellished snorting horse + Japanese text
'Dawn-Maroaka-ji of Japan' -Akaji Maro Dance Performance,
1983 by Kohei Suriura

semi-abstract furry typographic figure / part cat - Japanese poster
Design Life,
1994 by Kazumasa Nagai

poster for 'floral cosmology' in Japan with illustrated woman among flowers on steep hillside
Exhibition decoration, weaving, dyeing of life
tree and Asia flower space - Floral Cosmology,
1992 by Kohei Sugiura

'freedom' poster in japan with illustrated face profile made from colour pencils twisted to look like barbed wire
Freedom - Bicentennial of French Revolution,
1989 by UG Sato

graphics poster in japan with background Buddha figure holding embellished lotus and building among ethereal smoke
Graphistes Tradition et Nouvelle Technique -
12 Graphistes Japonais (Les Ateliers),
1984 by Kohei Sugiura

appeal poster with illustrated flaming butterflies falling from the sky - in colour
Hiroshima Appeals,
1983 by Yusaku Kamekura

Aspen design conference poster - horizontal thin colourful wavy lines and single, tilted capital E overlay
Kiyoshi Awazu Exhibition + Workshop,
1993 by Kiyoshi Awazu

poster for chocolate - dark background with abstract colour stick lines looking maybe like sailing ship
Meiji Seika 'Meiji Milk Chocolate Deluxe' (amusement park),
1958 by Tadashi Ohashi

japanese poster of semi-stylised patterned green frog with tongue out to catch an insect
Part 4 Japan,
1988 by Kazumasa Nagai

poster from Japan with stylised chicken and Korean flag as circle
Korean Traditional Art Troupe visit performances,
1983 by Kohei Sugiura

poster with gallopping zebras with trees growing out of their stripes
Where Can Nature Go,
1983 by UG Sato

Translation of (part of) collection introduction: "With the establishment of the Department of Industrial Design, in Hachioji campus library, we started collecting storage business of documentation on the design ("design Takushoku University library") from 1994 in Takushoku. Japan's "Design" and this is what for "lifestyle" research, collect material design more specific, is performed for the purpose of development and improvement of academic research and learning in the university. We aim to be a "base exchange of design" that connects Japan and the world through this activity in the future."

Takushoku University Graphic Arts Gallery
-- all images remain under copyright of the individual artist or their estate.


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Wow! So beautiful! Visual treats! Thank you.

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