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World War One Posters

Printed flyers agitating in support of the war effort

propaganda lithograph in colour with explosion and soldier flying through the air
What Have You Given? c. 1917
What Have You Given? (Our War Chest)
Artist: Gaar Williams

illustrated boots covered in stylised blood and war effort text in big font size below
Keep These OFF the USA, c. 1917
Keep These OFF the USA. Buy More Liberty Bonds
Artist: John Norton
Publisher: Strobridge Litho. Co. Cincinnati & New York

illustrated eagle with war planes under its talons
Keep Him Free, c. 1918
Keep Him Free Charles Livingston Bull - Buy W.S.S. War Savings Stamps Issued By The United States Government
Artist: Charles Livingston Bull
Publisher: JL Ketterlinus, Philadelphia (for United States Treasury Department)

red cross war effor poster with dead or dying soldiers being pecked at by vultures
For Humanity's Sake, c. 1917
For Humanity's Sake - Save A Life Red Cross Week June 18th To 25th
Publisher: Harris Printing & Eng. Co.

advert poster for ball with Japanese woman illustrated in long stylised flowing gown
Fête Fashion Ball, c. 1917
Fête Fashion Ball For The Benefit Of The Babies' Hospital Tuesday Evening February 14th At Nine In The Commodore Staged By Alexander Leftwich Tickets $7.50 At All Bascom's Agencies General
Artist: W O
Publisher: Raymond Fuguet & Co., New York
*Reminds me of a certain modern illustrator's work.

lithograph of slightly evil looking clown on stilts for war effort event advert
Tilff, c. 1918
Tilff 11-15-18 Aout 1918 Grandes Journees Foraines de Bienfaisance Organisees par 'La Tirelire des Pauvres' Entree-Libree Baraques Foraines-Jeux De Plein Air (Quilles Adresse) Promenades A Anes-Promenades Nautiques
Artist: A Hustin

illustration of stylised 'architectural' eagle dropping wreath on lion's head (metaphor)
America's Tribute To Britain c. 1918
Published in New York by Marchbanks Press
Artist: Fred W Cooper

illustration in colour of Uncle Sam leaning against legion medallion
Buddies c. 1919
"Buddies" - Proud of it - Join a post - Veteran soldiers sailors & marines. National headquarters 19 West 44th St. New York
Published by Carey Print Lithography New York

colourful poster of vegetables encouraging people to eat less for war effort
Eat Less, c. 1917
Eat Less And let us be Thankful that we have enough to share with those who fight for freedom
{United States Food Administration}

satricial illustration of Uncle Sam hammering stake in to middle of Europe
New Spring Drive, c. 1917
The New Spring Drive - Buy War Savings Stamps and Help Save the Country From Autocracy

B&W illustration of classical history woman (?Greek goddess) asking citizens to buy bonds
Buy A Bond, c. 1917
Buy A Bond -[Auto|cracy]- Subscribe At Manufacturers and Traders National Bank on Our Easy Payment Artist: E. Schuerer
Publisher (?): C E.J. Gowdy

French poster advert for war effort event: clown and historical military-type are the main characters among the written message
Palais de la Fortune, c. 1917
Ouverture 10 Novembre 1917 Vestiaire Liberal Palais De La Fortune Attractions Jeux d'Adresse Concours etc. 22 Rue Des Dominicains au Profit Des Enfants Necessiteux Des Ecoles Communales
Artist: Marcel Jaspar
Publisher: Imprimerie Benard, SoC. An., Liege (Belgium)

french poster bordered by many flags with crowing rooster
Emprunt Francais, c. 1914
Emprunt Francais On Souscrit A La Societe Centrale Des Banques De Province 41, Rue Cambon Paris {Emprunt = borrowing}
Publisher: Devambez Imp. Paris

Japanese-style scene illustration for war effort event
Exposition de Chrysanthemes, c. 1914
Exposition de Chrysanthemes Au Profit Du V.P.P.N. Femmes et Enfants de Soldats Du Samedi 10 au Mercredi 14 Novembre Hotel Suede
Artist: Liege Marcel Jaspar
Publisher: Printing Company, Liege

propaganda poster with severe illustration of bleeding man in grip of metal fist
Civilization Vs. Barbarism, c. 1918
Civilization Vs. Barbarism - For Humanity's Sake, Save a Life - Red Cross Week June 18th to 25th.
Published by Harris Printing & Engineering Co.

french advert print with happy man holding fruits & veg accompanied by pig on leash
Exposition de Continental Vente de Charite, c. 1914
Exposition du Continental Vente de Charite 13 au 21 Juillet Fleurs & Legumes Au Profite des 'Soupers aux Necessiteux' & 'Cerrte des V' Imp. Benard, Son. An., Liege
Artist: G Hustin
Publisher: Imprimerie Benard, Son. An., Liege

(probable pochoir technique) tritonal print of kneeling men with machine gun
Browning - Uncle Sam's Official Machine Gun, c. 1918
The Browning Uncle Sam's Official Machine Gun A Thrift Stamp a Day Will Help to Keep It Barking Belt holds 250 cartridges Gun weighs 34 1 2 pounds Fires 400 shots a minute Fired 39,000
Publisher: Schulte Cigar Stores Thrift Stamp Series--Poster 6

comic-like propaganda poster with phonetic greek words and castle & soldier banging his head against its base
Mope Ti Skamam Netpa! c. 1914
Mope Ti Skahph Netpa! Aeykos Nyptos Oessaaonikhs Natpiotikh Enosis, Boykoypestioy 9 Aenta 20 Aio. B. Nanaxpysanooy Aohnai
Artist: Natpiotikh Enosis
Publisher: Aio. B. Nanaxpysanooy Aohnai (Greece)

satirical war lithograph of absurd human-faced dogs on leashes and whip-bearing tamer (Euro war metaphor)
Pan Ta Psemata c. 1914
Pan ta psemata Patriotike enosis voukourestiou 9 {Translation: Everything is lies Patriotic Union Voukourestiou 9} [Greece]
Artist: Natpiotikh Enosis
*The satirical style (and colours) reminds me of the humorous WWI maps, esp. the one by Louis Raemaekers.

ships on sea and stylised sun's ray and french flag above them
Emprunt De La Defense Nationale c. 1914
Emprunt De la Defense Nationale On Souscrit a la Banque Adam 106, Boulevarde Haussmann Paris
Artist: A Romay

historic-style war propaganda poster with crusader knight on horseback
Scottish War Savings Committee, c. 1917
Scottish War Savings Committee, Palmerston Place Edinburgh - For Honour's Sake Our Cause Is Just - Join A War Savings Association - Go To A Bank Or Post Office To-Day L1 for 15s 6 Buy War Savings
Artist: Forde

heart-string tugging illustration for war effort with nurse holding one end of a stretcher
Hold Up Your End! c. 1918
Hold up your end! War Fund Week One Hundred Million Dollars
Artist: WB King
Published by Form N.Y. 18 Second War Fund

lithograph of (iconic) joyous, victorious french soldier woman, holding hat aloft besides billowing tricolour
Echo From France c. 1918
An Echo From France 'Buy Liberty Bonds' Space donated By Parfumerie Ed. Pinaud
Artist: FA Crepaux
Publisher: H&G Klotz, New York.

amusing illustration of cowering German soldier with absurd rooster trying to break out of huge gold medallion to peck him
Pour la France Versez Votre Or, c. 1915
Pour la France Versez Votre Or L'Or Combat Pour La Victoire {Or = gold}
Artist: Jules Abel Faivre
Publisher: Devambez, Paris

colourful comic-sketch of boy-scout blowing trumpet
Boys To The Farm c. 1914
Boys To The Farm - Bring Your Chum And Do Your Bit - S.O.S 'Soldiers Of the Soil' - This is the Official Uniform Authorized by the Canada Food Board - Each Suit Bears This Label Soldiers of the Soil Official Uniform Canada Food Board'. Manufactured exclusively by the Montreal Shirt & Overall Co. Limited. Montreal.
Publisher: Howell Lith. Hamilton, Canada.

red background propaganda print with comic-style explosion taking up most of poster space
Bomb Them With War Bonds c. 1914
Printed in London by Hill, Siffken & Co.

"Between 1914 and 1918, millions of posters were printed and displayed in every country. The U.S. campaigns were the largest. For example, for the First Liberty Loan, two million posters were printed; for the Second Loan, five million; for the Third, nine million; and for the Fourth, ten million. 
It is estimated that between 2,000 and 3,000 different poster designs were produced in the U.S. alone for government and civilian agencies. Propaganda has been identified by many as the primary purpose of these posters. One author divided the purposes into the following categories: recruiting; financing; encouraging industrial efforts; raising support for policies; urging conservation of resources; informing the public of food needs; and directing emotions such as courage, pride and hate." [source]
There are over 1600 World War I Posters from the Elisabeth Ball Collection at Ball State University (Indiana) that can be viewed segmentally in very high resolution.


Bridget said...

These are spectacular...thank you for sharing.

Jos said...

What flag is that on the bloody boots? (2nd one from the top). It looks like red/white/blue. Surely the Netherlands had no intention of invading the USA in 1917? We didn't have much of an army, actually.
Thank you for this post.

Unknown said...

The flag is the Imperial German red/white/black, on the Imperial German eagle.

Realistically, the Germans didn't have much of a chance of invading the US in 1917 either, but they could and did sink American boats in the Atlantic...

Great collection of posters, thanks peacay!

Dea said...

Sooo interesting! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The magazines of a time can display as much insight into the mores of an era as their visual aesthetic choices in art, fashion and propaganda. Thanks for sharing! Where's the Franz Ferdinand poster?

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