Thursday, January 17, 2013

Currus Triumphales

Engraved prints of the triumphal entrance
into Venice by the Crown Prince of Russia

Carro primo rappresentante la Pace coronata dall'Abbondanza

Carrro secondo rappresentante Cerere pl'Agricoltura.

Carro terzo pane dio della pastorale

Carro quarto pallade e Mercurio che sopraisiedono all'Arti mecaniche di Venezia

Carro quinto il commerzio rappresentato da Varie Nazioni

Currus Triumphales title page

[Currus Triumphales = Triumphal Chariot]

'Currus triumphales ad adventum clarissimorum Moschoviae principum Pauli Petrovitz et Mariae Theodorownae conjugis regali ornandum spectaculo in Divi Marci venetiarum foro die 24. Januarii anno MDCCLXXXII..' (pub. 1782) by Giorgio and Domenico Fossati is available online through Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

This very small album (an Italian Festival Book - all the engravings are shown above) commemorates the 1782 entrance into Venice by Crown Prince Paul Petrovich (son of Catherine the Great) and his 2nd wife, Sophia Dorothea of Württemberg (called Maria Feodorovna after the marriage). [W]

I am grateful to arch nemesis, Will 50Watts Schofield, for alerting me to, or reminding me about, the wonderful new(?) digital site and viewing architecture available via Beinecke Library. He found his own level of book to display from there yesterday. But seriously, do yourself a favour and go for a wander around Beinecke's digital collections.

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