Wednesday, April 25, 2012

World Designs

African, early Medieval, Greek, ancient Egyptian, Islamic, 
Pacific Island and Tibetan mandala line drawing designs

African design - stylised interlocking B&W worms(?)

detailed African floral roundel design (probably Berber in origin)
African Designs

medieval calligraphic letter 'S' : ornament of stylised animals and acanthus leaves

Early Medieval Celtic knotwork line drawing design
Early Medieval Designs

Greek design

Greek roundel design made of fish & squid with ornamental border
Greek Designs

line drawing of hippopotamus bearing stylised Egyptian floral motifs

Ancient Egyptian fish & stylised floral roundel design
Ancient Egyptian Designs

leaf + curved Islamic line drawing decal/ornament design

Islamic roundel design : stylised pheasant and background line decoration
Islamic designs

Pacific island design sketch of abstract drinking vessel decoration

B&W sketch of Maori tiki symbol (new zealand) - scanned from acetate render
Pacific Island Designs

circular Tibetan Mandala line drawing with shell border

serrated geometric Tibetan mandala line drawing

Tibetan Mandala^ Designs

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