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Series Imaginum

Series Imaginum Augustae Domus Boicae ad Genuina Ectypa... (titlepage) Pub. 1773

Otto II Senior Com. 1155

Mechtildis Adolfi 1323

Mechthildis Wilhelini 1556

Maria Alberti V 1608

Margaretha Adolfi 1394

Margareta jiunior 1359

Ludovicus Romanus 1365

Josephus Ferd. 1699

Johanna Alberti I 1387

Anna Ericil 1474

Maximilianus II 1726

Haracha Herman 1104

Albertus VI 1666

'Series Imaginum Augustae Domus Boicae, ad Genuina Ectypa Aliaque Monum Fide Digna delin. et Aaeri Incidit, Monachium' 1773 by Joseph Anton Zimmerman, is online at the Bavarian State Library in Munich - 'Miniaturansicht' for thumbnail pages.

The book is (fairly obviously) a genealogical portrait record of Bavarian nobility (or royal lineage) from about the 10th century onwards. Bavarian history being the convoluted assembly of ruling houses that it is, I'm not altogether sure what 'Domus Boicae' in the title, "A series of portraits of the noble house of Boicae', means.**

See Wikipedia articles: House of Wittelsbach and List of Rulers of Bavaria.

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Irrespective of the true background to the series, I thought the book worth featuring for the beautiful engraving work by, or after designs by, the author, Joseph Zimmerman (d. 1797), an artist who received formal training in his chosen vocation in Regensburg and Augsburg [bio].

{all the images above were cropped from the full page layout}

**Later: I've had it confirmed that the 'Boica' in the title refers, in fact, to the German state of 'Bavaria', so it's: 'A Series of Portraits of the Noble House of Bavaria'.


Unknown said...

Cross-hatch heaven.

Kelly Robinson said...

Josephus Ferd sounds like an Appalachian farmer.

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