Friday, January 20, 2012

The Yuko Shimizu Book

All images below © Yuko Shimizu
(posted with permission)

Blow Up 3 by Yuko Shimizu (2010)
Blow Up 3 © Yuko Shimizu (2010) [book]

circular stylised pop-graphic illustration
DJ Slip Mat (A Nice Set) © Yuko Shimizu (2006) [book]

Yuko Shimizu - When I Opened My Eyes (2009)
When I Opened My Eyes © Yuko Shimizu (2009) [book]

Heinrich Popow by Yuko Shimizu (2008)
Heinrich Popow^ © Yuko Shimizu (2008) [book]

pop-art comic illustration
Fear © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

Yuko Shimizu - The Snow Machine (2002-2003)
The Snow Machine © Yuko Shimizu (2002/3) [book]

Now Hear This 2 by Yuko Shimizu (2007)
Now Hear This 2 © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

Isis the Cat by Yuko Shimizu (2007)
Isis the Cat © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

stylised typographic illustration)
The Unwritten 1 © Yuko Shimizu (2004) [book]

colour sketch of Neil Gaman
Neil Gaman^ © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

These delightful pop-graphics -- if I may so dub them -- were scanned by me from New York freelance illustrator Yuko Shimizu's first monograph, published by Gestalten in Berlin in 2011 [Amazon].

Yuko was kind enough to pass on a copy of this (very) handsome book recently. It features a comprehensive overview of her comicesque and culture-melding graphics (she's originally from Japan), produced over the last decade or so. It is a beautiful product and highly recommended.

Previously: Yuko's Progression from two years ago shows the evolution from sketch to final illustration in Yuko's work. There's also links to interviews and the like.


Javier Fuentes said...

Veeeeery nice work. Thanks a lot for sharing all those wonderful masterpieces. I'm an unconditional follower of your posts. Keep ahead! :-)

Kelly Robinson said...

Wowee! Love the mixing of the traditional and modern.

Staci Finch Thompson said...

These are incredible. Thank you so much for this post. And, Happy New Year!

peacay said...

Thanks :- )

galatea. said...

absolutely incredible find xx

Playing by the book said...

Wow! These are quite breathtaking. I love the mix of modern and traditional.

Leif said...

man I only wish Yuko did the interior art (instead of just the covers) for the awesome comic that is Unwritten

lotusgreen said...

It's really interesting to me how much in common some of these contemporary works have in common with your choices of a number of old scientific nature drawings. (I don't mean to be obscure, but it's a very interesting to go through a year of posts in one night.)

Orange Octopus, Slip Mat, Cork.

peacay said...

[you're not being obscure to me, but other people don't get to (obviously) see that you've just commented on a whole bunch of posts across a wide timeline where some things you say refer outside of the blog entries in which they're posted. No biggy!]

The header region up top still holds with respect to the types of material that populate this here BibliOdyssey: so cross-genre pop-Japanese comicesque modernism falls as easily within the site's remit - to me - as does baroque excesses or scientific illustrations. They're all contributive to some great materia obscura aesthetic ;- )

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