Monday, December 26, 2011

Oscar Sanmartin Vargas

All images below © Oscar Sanmartin
{posted here with permission}

El Planeta Hermetico
El Planeta Hermetico

El Hotel Maelstron

Nadal Baronio

El Efecto Lupa El Niño Gusano 1995


Ritual de Fecundidad

El Faro de Alesia

Composicion Digital 3

Mercado Medievál 2012

Leyendario Cubierta

Preview of book, 'Leyendario: Criaturas de Agua' 2007
{*Legendary Creatures of the Water*}
Text: Óscar Sipán :: Illustrations: Oscar Sanmartin

Study for diorama
[Study for diorama]

Diorama 3

Diorama 5

All images © Oscar Sanmartin - posted here with permission.

Oscar Sanmartin (Vargas) (b. 1972) is a mixed-media artist from Zaragoza (Spain). On his website you will find a collection of his box-dioramas, absurdist, surreal bio-etchings and paintings and faux retro collage-esque works, book illustrations and commercial art pieces. Marvellous stuff. {Oscar's BLOG}

Other related sites: one, two, three.

UPDATE: Oscar is now on Twitter : @SanmartinVargas


One said...

Incredible stuff.

Kelly Robinson said...

The dioramas are fantastic.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. wee will go have a look. I LOVE his work

lazlo azavaar said...

These are wonderfully bizarre.

Biedrzyn said...

Excellent work,thanks!

Suzanne said...

The drawings are amazing. The dioramas(ae?) - particularly the one with Dürer's rhino remind me very strongly of Charles Matton's dioramas(ae). I have a feeling you might like them too, PK. I took some photos over here:

peacay said...

Oh that's great Suzanne. I remember the Wurzeltod post and your reminder today gave me reason to go and see Matton's site this time. Cheers!

Ana said...

I want to decorate a nursery with his pictures.

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