Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pushkin Silhouettes

reverse silhouette of profile of man with quill pen

close-up profile silhouette of 2 seated men facing each other, one smoking

silhouette in profile of man reading to woman in forest

silhouette of male playing chess

Art Nouveau silhouette of cloudy sky and lake and man on shore

reverse silhouette of a man in profile, reading

profile silhouette of 2 seated men at a table

silhouette of 2 women and man around table in home

silhouette profile of woman seated and man standing at table

silhouette view across lake to obelisk in forest or park

profile silhouette of man walking in windy rain with umbrella

A collection of silhouette illustrations relating to Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, was published in 1949. The images above were cropped from the full page layouts posted to the da_zdra_per_m LJ site. {if you click through on an image and then "В другом размере", you can view enlarged versions}.

The Russian Silhouette Museum advises that the book includes illustration works by a number of artists, including "V.Gel'mersen, N.Il'in, B.Kustodiev".

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Браво! Привет из России!

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