Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sedam Linoreza

abstract self portrait by Michael S. Peter, Serbia 1921

abstract linocut, serbia

linocut print by михаило с петров

b&w linocut : михаило с петров

михаило с петров linocut

abstract linocut print by Mihaila S. Petrova

Serbian abstract black and white linocut print

Mihailo S. Petrov [Michael S Peter or Mihaila S. Petrova or михаило с петров] (1902 – 1983) was a Serbian graphic artist, painter, illustrator, poet and critic, professor, book and poster designer and typographer.

Petrov was a leading graphic protagonist of the Yugoslav anti-war, anti-bourgeois and anti-nationalist Avant-Garde movement known as Zenitism, that flourished in the 1920s.

"The international review of new art and culture Zenit (1921-1926) enjoyed a reputation in the world as the only Yugoslav Avant-Garde journal, which was included in the international Avant-Garde scene at the beginning of the 1920s. Zenit was launched by Avant-Garde artist Ljubomir Micic in February 1921 in Zagreb."


jordi francesch said...

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corey cavagnolo said...

i see keith herring being greatly influenced by this.

Ana said...

When I saw these, I was reminded of my childhood.
Then I saw that, yes, the title was in Serbian and, yes, the author was Serbian; what do you know :D .

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