Friday, July 16, 2010

Folk Cats

Images below from: 'I Like Cats' published 2009 by Tara Books.

See the earlier Tara Books post: Night Life of Trees

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  001

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  006

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  010

Indian folk art illustration of cats (Tara Books)  002

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  004

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  007

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  008

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  009

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  005

I Like Cats (Tara Books)  011

It was my great good fortune to receive a package from India this week with a further selection of books from the wonderful Chennai publisher Tara Books --- Amazon selection

The images above are from a fun, hand-made book called 'I Love Cats' © Anushka Ravishankar & various artists.
"Sunny cats, sad cats, grinning cats, bad cats, cats with scowls and cats with jowls ... hand bound and silk screened, 'I Like Cats' features a gallery of irresistible feline characters from some of the best-known tribal and folk artists of India"
More (Tara) images and background in a post from January: The Night Life of Trees [update: later post on Tara Books: Gond Glyphs]

About Tara Books:
"Tara Books is an independent publisher of picture books for adults and children based in Chennai, South India. Now in our fifteenth year, we remain a collective of dedicated writers, designers and artists who strive for a union of fine form with rich content. We continue to work with a growing tribe of adventurous people from around the world. Fiercely independent, we publish a select list that straddles diverse genres, offering our readers unusual and rare voices in art and literature." [Twitter | Blog | Facebook]


Will said...

The best cat book I've seen since Puf a Muf.

Adeline Luna Bladon said...

Thank you to you and Tara Books for these wonderful Gond illustrations. They're amazing!

pueben said...

I have to ask: was "great good fortune" a Vonnegut reference or am I just making things up?

peacay said...

Ha! No, that's a coincidence, although he may have deposited a brain worm in some years back when I last picked up one of his books.

Sarah Wildfang said...

Thank you for your inspiring and beautiful blog!

amybradley said...

Great pictures of the cat here! Wow, and I'm such a big cat lover what a treat, thanks again you do splendid work!

peacay said...

Amy, thanks for all your kind comments (in numerous BibliOdyssey posts today, for those watching at home)

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