Thursday, May 27, 2010

Penny Prints

Het gastmaal by CR Schurich 1848-1929

Spreekwijze by H vd Moolen 1848-1929

Danseurs de corte et sauteurs - Koord-dansers en springers  by FA Beersmans 1866-1897

Armée allemande by C Burckardt 1889-1945

Aan uwen blijden vliegertijd, Is, lieve jeugd deez' prent gewijd by TJ Wijnhoven Hendriksen 1832-1849

Bij 't achtenveertigtal van deez verscheidenheden by Brepols & Dierckx zoon 1833-1880

Fransche koningen spel by G + P Didion 1828-1851

De ijzeren spoorweg - Le chemin de fer  1833-1880

De groote gilde os by EH Rijnders 1781-1854

De buitenkermis - Les saltimbanques  by A Cranendoncq 1833-1869

Artillerie légère by H Van Houter 1827-1894

Rijtuig voor ijzerenweg - Voitures pour chemin de fer  by Glenisson en Zonen 1856-1900

Clown tournant sur lui-même by HV Houter 1827-1894

Komt kinderen, ziet deez' wakkren haan - Le cocq Reveil-Matin vous donne l' intelligence by Brepols + Dierckx 1833-1880

The fabulous Memory of the Netherlands site (part of the National Library of The Netherlands) presents a new collection of more than 1200 Penny Prints [translation] -- Gallery view.

These 19th century woodblock prints come from a single donor collection and depict a wide range of cultural themes: humorous slapstick, nursery rhymes, religious devotionals, games, military battles, disasters and contemporary events of significance. Most appear to be aimed at children, but the often unsophisticated nature of the illustrations and potential for esoteric visual satire (and language barrier) make it a bit difficult to tell.

It's rare for such a large collection of popular prints to be preserved: these were generally low quality, high volume A4-sized pages sold to the poorer members of the community and likely discarded soon after purchase.

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Daria Hlazatova said...

this is something i've been looking for! thanks so much for these beautiful illustrations!

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