Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mughal Royal Lineage

'Album of Mughal Indian Portraits -
House of Timur'

Muhammed Shah fol. 27v
Muhamman (sic.) Shah riding

Prince fol. 15v
Full-length portrait of a prince holding a fly-whisk
in one hand and a sword over his shoulder.

Amir Timur fol. 2r
Amir Timur: Portrait of a prince seated on a
golden throne, with a sword on his lap, wearing a
short-sleeved gold dress embroidered with flowers.

Jehangir Padshah fol. 13v
Jehangir Padshah: Shahjahan receives Ali Mardan
Khan in durbar. Mughal style, 17th century, c. 1640.

Shah Jehan fol. 20r
Shah Jehan: Full-length portrait of the
emperor Shahjahan, standing facing left.

Jehangir Padshah fol. 14r
Jehangir Padshah: A prince seated at a window dictating to his secretary,
looking through an upper window at a stuffed gilded elephant,
mounted on a wooden trolley, in the courtyard below.

Portrait of a prince in Persian dress fol. 30r
Portrait of a prince in Persian dress, holding a
sword across his knees, seated on a purple carpet
within a garden, with a fountain in the foreground.

Azam Shah fol. 32r
Full-length portrait of Azam Shah, standing, facing left,
wearing a purple dress and holding a round shield and a flower.

Shah Jehan and his court - 17th cent. Indian ruler's manuscript
Shah Jehan and his court. Portrait of the emperor
Shahjahan and his court, showing the emperor on a balcony,
fanned by attendants standing on gilded elephants.

Late 18th-century lacquer binding
Late 18th-century lacquer binding with gilt
arabesques and flowers on green background;
inner covers red leather with gilt arabesques and flower border.

[click on images for larger versions; the source site provides higher resolution detail ability]

MS. Ouseley Add. 173 at the Oxford Digital Library :
"An album of 34 leaves containing Indian paintings and calligraphy, with two lithographs inserted, and a manuscript introduction of 5 leaves (viii-xi) and other notes by Sir Gore Ouseley (1770-1844). [..] The paintings ostensibly depict the Mughal royal lineage, but some have been misidentified."


lazlo azavaar said...

Wowsers! I just discovered this wonderful site while blog-hopping. I LOVE this sort of stuff! Especially the black and white ye olde time woodcut type illustrations. It reminds me of those wonderful Dover clip art catalogs I used to get by mistake. Keep it coming!

Karla said...

I've always loved these. And wish I could paint like that.

Sergio said...

Hello, I love your blog. I posted myself some Russian woodcuts from the 17th century that you may like:


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