Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Bug's Life

Classis II Papilionum Noctornum (Bomcyx gini) V.1

Classis I Papilionum Noctornum (Sphinx convolvule) V.1

Bomcyx pavonia V.4

Classis I Papilionum Noctornum (Bomcyx salicis) V.1

Classis I Papilionum Noctornum (Noctua nupta) V.1

Classis I Papilionum Noctornum (Sphinx elpenor) V.1

Classis II Papilionum Noctornum (Bomcyx fascelina) V.1

Classis II Papilionum Noctornum (Bomcyx quercifolia) V.1

Scarabaeorum terrestrium Classis I V.2 a

Locusta Indica V.2 a

Helicoma spp + beetle V4

Insectorum aquatilium Classis II V.2

Locusta germanica V.2 a

Locusta germanica V.2

Locusta germanica V.2 b

Locusta Indica praefat V.2 a

Locusta Indica praefat V.2

Locusta Indica V.2

Locusta V.2 a

Locusta V.2 b

Locusta V.2

Pieris elathea + Colias philea etc V.4

Scarabaeorum terrestrium Classis I V.2

Scarabaeorum terrestrium praefat (dissected) V.4

Scarabaeorum terrestrium praefat Classis I V.4

Spider webs

Spiders dissected V.4

Spiders V.4

Insecten-Belustigung V.1 frontispiece

Insecten-Belustigung V.2 frontispiece

"August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof (1705-1759) was a German descendent of Austrian nobility and showed an early aptitude for painting. Following an apprenticeship with his artist-uncle and further study at the Academy of Nuremberg, Rösel obtained an appointment at the royal court in Copenhagen painting portraits and miniatures." [continues in a previous Rosenhof post: Ranarum Nostratium]

Three volumes from 'Insecten-Belustigung' (Insect Amusements) by AJ Rösel von Rosenhof are available from the University of Heidelberg (click through and look for 'Vorschau' = thumbnails). The books were released in installments between 1746 and 1761.

A happy and safe religious/irreligious/silly season to all!


Barbara Carlson said...

You, too!
Thanks for your postings throughout the year.

Admin said...


Sophie Munns said...

Best wishes to you Peacay for the festive season!

thank you for providing a constant source of delight and wonder this year through your fabulous blog!


zoe said...

happiness to you, too. and silliness!
thank you for all your wonderful posts!

Lady Meerkat said...

I have bookmarked this one for future reference. I make paper butterflies from old and falling apart Victorian books. I base my creations on B&W Victorian illustrations of butterflies. This could prove rather useful since I plan to explore colour sometime time in the next few weeks. Lovely!

Thank you Peacay. Merry Christmas :)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you for your wonderful informative presentations... Love them all...

the best to you...

Bridget Robbins said...

Gorgeous post; I am so thrilled to have discovered your blog! I look forward to reading your book.

Anonymous said...

qué maravillosas imagenes!
that pretty pretty!

angvou said...

I would like the Locusta Indica stick bugs for Christmas (on paper only)
Merry Christmas to you

Karla said...

And how did Diana of Ephesus make her way in with the moths and locusts, I should like to know?

As always, swarms of holiday greetings!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Some of these insects look like they were designed by a master jeweller - amazing.
Thank you for this beautiful blog and greetings for the silly season.

Grumpy1 said...

Fabulous, thank you. I have it bookmarked.

I hope you don't think me critical, or presumptuous, but there is a software package called "Irfanview" which has capability of rotating images by as little as 1% - it may help you with those slightly tilted images.

peacay said...

No, it's a fine suggestion Roberto and I use Irfanview so I know about it. I very occasionally do use the tilting capability but I find it to be a bigg-ish hassle. It's either having to tweak the background fill-in colour it leaves once the adjustment is made (which is always trial and error and timeconsuming when you multiply by many images) or adding the finished image to photoshop or MS Paint to make the background regular and the same colour. If I sound like I'm moaning a bit, it's because I am: it's just a bit more of an annoyance (for me) than I'd like so I avoid it and rationalise it away by thinking that I'm therefore displaying more natural images, as it were.

KateMinty said...

What a simply magnificent series of drawings.

Katie McCann said...

I love these images - I hope it is ok - I posted a couple on my blog. They are so beautiful. I also came across the Beatrix Potter images from one of your 2008 postings - the Hare sitting on the carpet. Thank you for this! It is wonderful...

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