Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indian Designs

Indian Designs n - moon

Indian Designs m - sun

Indian Designs a - bird with 2 heads

Indian Designs - Peacock

Indian Designs i - stream of water symbolism

Indian Designs b - stylised tiger

{reminds me of something}

Indian Designs j - talisman

Indian Designs k - (symbolic) leaf with a pattern

Indian Designs p - bundle of sweets symbol with pair of rabbits

Indian Designs q - scissors symbolic design with pair of stylised or imaginary animals

Indian Designs l - symbol called Tray with Designs

Indian Designs c - elephant made out of line drawn symbol

Indian Designs d - horse made from line drawing symbol - clipart

Indian Designs g - talisman - clip art

Indian Designs h - Lotus (symbol)

Indian Designs t - knot of a single cobra: line drawing design - clipart symbol

The images above come from small clipart book I've got called 'Native Designs from India' © Maarten Hesselt van Dinter, 2007. [More in the set] It appears to be one of a series of indigenous art symbol books by van Dinter for HvD Publishing.

From the introduction:
"The beautiful designs in this book are mostly geometric depictions of animals, flowers, objects and deities and are embroidered in cloths, painted on walls and ceramics, drawn on floors as talismans and even used as henna and tattoo designs. They reflect the vitality of the Indian people, their culture and their beliefs."

Update: See - Kolam {images}/ Rangoli {images} [sandpainting]
Also: Data is Nature / Flickr: kolam / rangoli.


Adeline Luna Bladon said...

Great images (yes, recall arabesque and calligraphic traditions a little). Particularly love the peacock proudly standing on a snake, who looks quite happy about the arrangement!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these! This gives me inspiration for some Tarot art I am working on.

nimbu said...

Hmm, I am not sure why it is called "native indian art". I don't see what is "native" about this. This is a set of patterns used by many hindus in South India for decorating the area outside their homes.

peacay said...

nimbupani, I take the charitable view. I presume they mean: "native to India"; but I wouldn't have chosen the book title. The author is Dutch and although there is only a short introduction, it "feels" like it is a translation.

nimbu said...

@peacay you are right. I guess I am up in arms too often than I should be! :)

Eric Lavergne said...

very nice.

arlee said...

Wow, great fodder here for design work and inspiration--thank you!

Karla said...

Those are quite charming, although the rabbits are a bit peculiar-looking. (The other animals are much better.)

Smaxi said...

@ karla , i think u feel the rabbit to be a bit peculiar b'cos of the colour, in actuality this form of art is drawn in white, in form of powder or liquid white, made out of rice. So it is really very beautiful on the floor, considered an ego-less art.

Karla said...

No, nothing to do with the color, more the shape of them. Which isn't to say they can't be beautiful at the same time as being oddly shaped.

Naman Rastogi said...

great designs.....

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