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Turnierbuch duo

Turnierbuch duo h

Turnierbuch duo a

Turnierbuch duo b

Turnierbuch duo c

Turnierbuch duo d

Turnierbuch duo e

Turnierbuch duo f

knights jousting


Turnierbuch a

Knight's tournament 1500s


Turnierbuch duo g

[Dual images were spliced together; all were modestly background cleaned; click through to large versions and very large images are also available.]

'Turnierbuch und Familienchronik' [BSB Cgm 1930] by Marx Walther (1506-1511) is available from the Bavarian State Library. [via Archimuse or W4RF or Archivalia]

has background on Marx Walther but the translation is mostly gobbledegook.

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Study Bible Prophecy said...

People, if you haven't been studying bible prophecy, then start now before it's too late because the last days of humanity are fast approaching. Knowledge of the bible and the prophetic significance of the writings contained within it, have been increasing exponentially lately. The bible is NOT just a compilation of stories from ancient times. It actually contains a massive amount of prophetic information that those with hardened hearts who are destined for hell, were not intended to understand. Remember the response given by Jesus Christ in his Olivet discourse when he was asked by his disciples why he spoke the way he did (in parables, etc.) in the book of Matthew 13:10-16. What Jesus said could have more easily been paraphrased as "so that the damned won't get it".

The bible was written in just such a way that those with a prideful or arrogant heart will not understand the messages supernaturally hidden in its parables, models, typologies, and similes, etc. It's like those framed 3-D computer generated images that mall vendors were selling several years ago. Some people thought all there was to the image was what they saw with a cursory glance. But those who concentrated their eyes on the image were able to see 3-D imagery not visible to others. The entire bible is like that if you know how to study it. Don't wait. Time is very short.

peacay said...

Dear Study

I confess I am torn. Part of me wants to mock and eviscerate you, yet I also find myself inexplicably drawn to the scrambled messages of your pathology.

Within the archives of this modest site are myriad pictures of hell, devils, religious iconography and biblical imagery, yet you chose to share your wisdom, such as it is, in a post about a jousting tournament.

I can only speculate that you wish to advise people supernaturally that they should bet heavily on horse number 16 in the next race at their local track that begins at 1:10pm.

Let's hope for #16 that time is, indeed, short and that the second mortgage riding on his nose gets home safely. Thanks so much for the advice. I have paged my bookie.

Joelle Sept said...

To some, the significance of the Bible is hidden. But if you have an open heart, Jesus is willing to lift away the veil of misunderstanding, just as the lady depicted on the horse's blanket-thingy on the second-to-last image is ready to lift up her skirt and reveal her dainty secrets. Actually, she looks a bit embarrassed and uncertain.

Seriously, what's with that one??

T.R. Hummer said...

The Bible is FULL of jousting.

blogmother said...

Good question, Joelle Sept!

Larry Cebula said...

What a great post--fantastic images!

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