Thursday, March 26, 2009

Edo Monsters

Esoshi Monsters

Esoshi Monsters a

Esoshi Monsters b

Esoshi Monsters c

Esoshi Monsters d

Esoshi Monsters e

Esoshi Monsters f

Esoshi Monsters g

Esoshi Monsters h

Esoshi Monsters i

Esoshi Monsters j

Inside the International Research Center for Japanese Studies lurks the English homepage in which lurks the Nichibunken databases in which lurks 'The Pictures of Folkways in Early Modern Ages' Collection in which lurks the weird illustrations from the above book, a link to which was lurking in my browser.

"What is the pictures of folkways in early modern ages?
Database of images of esoshi (illustrated books, popular among people in the Edo Period) held at the Nichibunken Library."


Eline said...

These are beyond awesome!

→lisa said...

Wonderful images! I immediately thought of Gahan Wilson.

anna maria lopez [] said...

Your finds are always amazing, but this one is also soooo weird! Thanks for sharing!

Loren Coleman said...

Very interesting, as I just posted myself, merely two days ago, on the new exhibition of ( Kuniyoshi art that just opened in London.

Unknown said...

Very cool. Lurky you. Thanks for posting.

nickc said...

brilliant thanks!

Ray Girvan said...

Very nice. Another bunch of good Kuniyoshi monsters is in the Raiko and the Ground Spider series (see index and prints at

Karla said...

Yes, definitely precursors to Gahan Wilson!

peacay said...

Thanks for the links Loren & Ray.

Kittybriton said...

Wow! The Japanese really know how to throw a visual party!

Anonymous said...

I see Gahan Wilson also, but the pink furry guy with the spear in the 3rd pic made me think of Tove Jansson.

Lady Meerkat said...

There's a rather good show featuring animals in Asian art, on at Melbourne's NGV now but it features more real than fantastic critters.

lau said...

Merci, à chaque fois pour ce partage d'images incroyables et savoureuses ; d'en fournir les sources et de nous permettre de voyager ainsi.
Ce site est extraordinairement précieux ; j'en sors éblouie à chaque fois !

Unknown said...

These are from a guy named Kawanabe Kyosai - 1831-1889
they called him "demon of painting," he would get liquored up on sake
and do these amazing characters...he did a lot of images of rats and frogs fighting epic samurai battles.....he's one of my all time favorites

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