Monday, March 09, 2009

Artillery Firepower

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch e

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch b

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch c

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch d

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch a

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch f

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch g

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch h

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch i

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch k

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch J

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch l

Kunst und Artillerie-Buch m

Cod.icon. 232 -- 'Kunst- und Artillerie-Buch' -- is available from the Bavarian State Library in Munich (click 'Miniaturansicht' for thumbnail views). I suppose half or more of the illustrated pages appear above [slightly spot-cleaned].

This folio manuscript was produced prior to 1622 and is attributed to Hans Georg Schirvatt. It may possibly have been made in Prague (it bears their Coat of Arms). The very small amount of background information suggests that it was an expensive work because gold highlighting was employed in some of the illustrations (or so they say: I can't see it).

The manuscript features some decidedly evil weaponry - shrapnel-filled grenades, grenade spears, bee-swarm baskets, barbed bombs and vessels for flinging explosive materials - that were no doubt used in the Thirty Years War that had begun in 1618. [catalogue page -- trans.]

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skrambo said...

As an apiphobe (deep fear of bees), a swarm of bees used as a weapon is really frightening to me.

Karla said...

With or without fear of bees, I recoil. I wonder if this is the weaponry that won the Battle of White Mountain (Bilá Hora) in 1620...

Gonçalo Pena said...

They are faces. Kabooom faces. XXI century faces.

peacay said...

In case there was any legitimacy in Christine's deleted comment, I paste it in sans URL...............................

Christine said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing! I always love to see the work you put up in your blog. It must be rewarding to be a curator and being surrounded by such historic and priceless pieces!

I wanted to share a site with you that may be of interest to you. It's called THE SITE I AM WHORING TODAY, and it's a virtual studio for artists, which I thought was pretty neat! A lot of artists now are turning to the internet and showcasing their work there too!

Simona Ardelean said...

I am constantly amazed when I visit your page.

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