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16th century period costumes

Hofkleiderbuch b

Hofkleiderbuch c

Hofkleiderbuch d

Hofkleiderbuch e

Hofkleiderbuch f

Hofkleiderbuch g

Hofkleiderbuch h

costumes of the nobility in Bavaria

16th century German costumes

court costumes of 16th century Bavaria

Hofkleiderbuch l

Hofkleiderbuch m

Hofkleiderbuch n

Hofkleiderbuch o

This wonderful watercolour sketch album of the Court livery (the distinctive costumes of the nobility) relates to the reigns of Counts Wilhelm IV and Albrecht V in 16th century Bavaria. The Duke Dress and Heraldry post from last year - featuring a related manuscript - gives a little more background.

'Hofkleiderbuch (Abbildung und Beschreibung der Hof-Livreen) des Herzogs Wilhelm IV. und Albrecht V. 1508-1551 - BSB Cgm 1951' is available at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. [click 'Miniaturansicht']

Fortunately, I happened to save and upload these images last month, but posts might be a little scarce for a while. It's not because of the silly season (so much, anyway) but because I have managed to max out the month's dsl load a.g.a.i.n. HD youtube has a lot to answer for. *sigh*

Update: Pants Optional. Ha!


Karla said...

The readership expects to see these modeled by the web curator any day now, DSL or no DSL restrictions. Which outfit will be first?

nate marcel said...

This site is SO SWEET! Thanks so much. And I'm sure it takes work getting such nice scans, &uploading etc. Nice Job I am always blown away by what's posted.

peacay said...

No modelling I'm afraid. I like my pseudo-anonymity; it means I can play at being urbane whilst wearing no pants.

Karla said...

The readership now has a whole new avenue for speculation. (I was betting on the outfit at the top since the whip would come in handy for those occasional impulses toward self-flagellation. And it is an elegant getup overall.)

Robot Nine said...

Incredible works there, thanks for sharing the images. Robot Nine

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