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Cornus, foliis Salicis Laurece acuminatis; floribus albis; fructu sassafras AND Orbis laevis variegatus

Unicornuis, Piscis Bahamensis

Frutex aquaticus, floribus luteis, fructu rotundo quinque-capsulari AND Acus maxima Squamosa viridis

Phylanthos Americana Planta flores ad foliorum crenas proferens AND Remora

An Acarauna major pinnis cornutis; an Paru Brasiliensibus

Anthea quartus Rondeletii

Bagre Secundae Speciei Marggr. affinis

Gugupuguacu Brasil AND Saltatrix

Harengus minor Bahamensis

Lithophyton longe racemosum cortice flavo perforato AND Muraena maculata nigris

Perca marina venenosa punctata

Perca marina capite Striato AND Albula Bahamensis

Salpa purpurascens variegata AND Petimbuabo Brasil

Solea lunata et punctata

Turdus flavus AND Turdus cinereus peltatus

Turdus oculo radiato Guaperua maxima caudata

Mark Catesby - Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands (fish)

Turdus Rhomboidalis AND Turdus cauda convexa

These striking and sometimes fanciful hand-coloured 18th century engravings were published in Germany in 1777 in a book called 'Piscium, Serpentum, Insectorum, Aliorumque Nonnullorum Animalum'.

The illustrations were produced by Nicholaus Eisenberger and Georg Lichtensteiger. As I was to discover, they had re-engraved in folio format images that originally appeared in Volume II of Mark Catesby's seminal work, 'The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands'.

Catesby's magnum opus was published in London in instalments between 1729 and 1743 and stands as the first comprehensive illustrated natural history work detailing the flora and fauna of America.

[click on any image for an enlarged view; very large versions are also available]


Myriam Laffont said...

A lot of thanks for sharing with us those beauties!
Everytime, it's for me a great and precious pleasure!
And this time, fishes... lovely!
Thanks,thanks, thanks!

Tess Kincaid said...

Striking is right! They are marvelous. I am in awe every time I visit.

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