Friday, May 16, 2008

1829 Surgical Album

vintage surgical equipment

vintage traction devices

head bandaging techniques

1829 surgical instruments

vintage surgical splints

historical leg fracture splinting

vintage trephine equipment

vintage craniotomy equipment

historical hospital immobilising machines

historic scoliosis treatment devices

medical prostheses and surgical tools

vintage fracture splints

'Lithographische Abbildungen nebst Beschreibung der vorzüglicheren älteren und neueren chirurgischen Werkzeuge und Verbände, nach dem Handbuche der Chirurgie von Chelius geordnet, und am Schluße mit einer systematischen Zusammenstellung sämmlicher abgebildeter Gerätschaften versehen' by Franz Andreas Ott, 1829, Munich - among the ninety nine monographs in the wonderful Edoc database at Humboldt University in Berlin.

There are perhaps a dozen more surgical instrument lithographic plates in this album supplement. Note the thumbnail link at the top left of the page. There is next to no information online about the book or its author. [via Archivalia]

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Mamadou said...

"Lithographic illustrations with a description of the more preferable older and newer surgical tools and bandages, following the order of the handbook of surgery by Chelius and provided in conclusion with a systematic summary of all illustrated instruments."

Good find!

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