Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anthropomorphic Trade Cards

rat tutor teaching circle of young rats

dancing monkey

cat with arm in sling

twin frames of dog in bed

frog with walking cane

cat taunting dog on leash (advert)

mother mouse pushing babies in pram

frog pouring perfume on posey of flowers

frog playing flute

trio of rats playing musical instruments

cats playing fife and drum

cat playing fiddle while other cats dance

From the Victorian Trade Card Collection at Miami University Library in Ohio.

The narrow, tall (portrait) images are full size as you see them displayed here. The wider (landscape) ones have larger versions if you click through. [previously]


The Bearded Belgian said...

They are nice, if a bit corny

peacay said...

Saturday arvo frivolity.

Kittybriton said...

Something struck a chord when I saw the cat cards - it took me a while to dredge up the memory; Louis Wain, the crazy cat artist! Most of the images are contemporaneous with him, and I wonder whether they were influenced by him?

Digikyoe said...

The First set reminds me of 17th century Japanese medical illustrations, I saw while working at the National museum Of Health and Medicine. Very Cool!!

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