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Arcana Entomologica

big beetle

close up beetle

large winged insect a

beetles and plant

butterflies and flower

butterflies and plant b

colourful beetles


five beetles and flower

flying beetle

flying beetles and plant a

flying beetles and plant

flying insects and plant a

large beetle

flying insects and plant

four beetles and plant

four more beetles and plant

large winged insect and plant

stink bugs

two butterflies

winged grasshopper

winged stick insect


beetles and flower

large insect

Although John Obadiah Westwood (1805-1893) completed a law degree, he pursued a very successful career based around his interests in entomology and archaeology.

He was a prolific scientific author and a respected illustrator, well known both for his detailed insect drawings and for his reproductions of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval manuscript illuminations.

Westwood helped found the Entomological Society and was an active member of the Linnean Society where he encounted Charles Darwin. Although he never subscribed to the Theory of Evolution because of his devout Christian beliefs, Westwood nonetheless retained great respect for Darwin's scientific acumen.

In the wealthy Frederick Hope, Westwood had an enthusiastic patron whose vast insect collection Westwood catalogued and eventually curated after it was donated to Oxford University. He also became the first Hope Professor of Zoology at Oxford, a position he held for more than thirty years.

'Arcana Entomologica; or, Illustrations of Rare, and Interesting Exotic Insects' (1841-1845) included 96 coloured plates. Westwood was able to obtain specimens from the far flung colonies as well as from Societies and private collections in England. He described the behaviour and habitats of the specimens and the illustrations attempted to display the insects in a natural state with plants from their normal environment.

The images above have all been at least slightly cropped and occasionally background cleaned, and the close-ups are spliced screencaps from the zoomify interface.


Michael said...

Thank you for your hard work in presenting these so well. (I.E. without the horrible Zoomify.)

A good find!

peacay said...

Actually Michael, I've come to quite (near) like zoomify. From my point of view it's a known quantity and it's fairly stable to grab screenshots and move the image around without changing the magnification.

I understand the repositories wishing to keep a cap on their bandwidth bills (although the cynic in me sees it as their also wishing to exert ownership/control) but I'd rather that there was a zoomify ability rather than there only being low res. images available, if that's their only alternative. Second best works ok.

Wood said...

The link for "Hope" is broken

peacay said...

Thanks Wood.

Diana said...

love this blog

Graham I. Haynes said...

Thank you for both the variety and high quality of your images.

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