Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cabalistic Talismans


cabalistic symbols

3 esoteric symbols from Agrippa

triangle with hebrew script

astrology/magic symbol

Magick Talisman - man in square and eye in border

Kabbala talisman

Cabbala talisman

magickal symbol

astrological talisman

palm with planet symbols

text and symbols of Kabbala

Magick symbols and text

[These cropped details are linked to go through to the large format images of the original complete pages (there are even larger versions available)]

"One of the more unusual and exotic treasures of The University of Newcastle is a French magical manuscript entitled 'Talismans Cabalistiques Magiques, grands secretes des Planettes'. The manuscript from an unknown scribe bears the date 1704 in the reign of the Sun King Louis XIV, le Grand Monarque and le Roi Soleil (1638-1715).

The book is a compendium of information relating to the manufacture of celestial talismans [...][and] consists of an eclectic re-arrangement of chapters from Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s 'De Occulta Philosophia' (Three Books of Occult Philosophy) originally published in full in 1533."

'Talismans Cabalistiques Magiques' was uploaded in two sets by the staff of Auchmuty Library (Newcastle University, Australia): The first is the complete 456 page manuscript in 260 images. The second (where most of the above images were obtained) contains the artistic details in closeup.

The Archivist at the University of Newcastle, Gionni Di Gravio, gave a radio talk about the manuscript in July 2007 and a summary (and much more information) is available from the University of Newcastle Cultural Collections weblog. The talk can be dowloaded from the ABC website. [via]


Just on that general subject of library/repository blogs reviewing their own collections, two other worthy sites have commenced in recent times...


jgodsey said...

i just keep hearing the phrase "penis magic" in my head. < eye roll >

Karla said...

I was looking at the poor guys and thinking they looked like they were being tortured on the rack (or a variety of racks since they are in different positions).

I prefer jgodsey's thought there. Maybe they are just stretching their limbs as preparation for the magic.

Unknown said...

You have absolutely the best site/blog on the planet. I am intensely interested in cabinets of curoiosities, have seen some fabulous European cabinets--especially medical and anatomical--and find your blog to be so comforting and endlessly fascinating. I am delighted that collectors in earlier times possessed the foresight to make records of their hoards, so we can share in their idiosyncratic interests. I am a medical illustrator myself, so I am gratified to see the gems you cull from the far reaches of the known digitoshphere and beyond! Many thanks for your work and your passion.

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