Friday, August 03, 2007

Buddha in the Far East

Tibetan buddhist album cover

lotus flowers in Buddhist sketch album

Buddhist monks

Buddhist monks in Tibetan album

sketch of Tibetan monks

monks in Tibetan sketch album

Tibetan monk ceremony

monks in Tibet sketch

20th century Tibetan sketch

Buddhist imagery

Buddhist iconic figures


Tibetan album lotus flowers

back cover Tibetan album

From the Oriental and Judaica Collections at the Royal Library of Denmark:

" Anonymous: Ershiba fojiao zhi xiang (28 pictures of Buddhist figures)

Five sheets with handpainted Buddhist figures between two covers. Chinese or Tibetan from early 20th Century.

The figures portray Sakyamuni (Shijiamouni) his two disciple Ananda (Anantuo) and Kasyapa (Qie(ka)yebo), three guardian figurers and 18 Arhats (Luohan). Accompaning Buddha and each of the eighteen Arhat are explanatory texts.

On the bach side of the covers lotus plants and flower can be seen."


dhammarati said...

thanks for posting these delightful, unusual images of the buddha.

allie aller said...

Extremely beautiful...thanks....

Unknown said...

is beatiful , is excellente your pages from Spain

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