Thursday, July 19, 2007

Croatia - The Patachich Estates

Bikzad Family Tree in Croatia

Patachich matriarch symbols

map of northern Croatia 1740

[modern day map of Croatia - top central section]

Varasdinensi estate in Croatia 1740

Croatian castle

Zagrabiensi estate in Croatia

Ludovicus Patachich estate

Rakovecz castle in Croatia

18th century Croatian house

Chernkovcez estate in Croatia

mountain top castle in Styria, Croatia

Verbovecz castle in Status familiae Patachich 1740

Verbovecz castle garden design (detail)

page from Status familiae Patachich with castle view

geneology tree with calligraphic flourishes

These images come from a Croatian genealogical book in latin published by Aleksandar Patačić (Patachich) in 1740 called 'Status familiae Patachich sive notitia illius universalis honorifica aeque ac utilis ex archivis et documentis authenticis desumpta'. The book is online in a nifty flash display site at the National Library of Croatia in Zagreb (click on the picture to launch the book). All the above images are spliced from screencaps -- the garden design detail is an example at the highest resolution -- click for englarged versions.

Aleksandar Patačić (1697–1747) was a jurist and the book tells the history of his family and presents watercolour pictures of the many castles and estates owned by family members at the time of the book's publication (*I think*). I've posted probably one half of all the residences and there are also a number of armorial plates in traditional styles.

This site gives a brief overview of the Patačić family history.


Karla said...

These certainly make Croatia look tidy and idyllic. And perhaps it is. The main thing I know about Croatia is that the Czechs love to go there on vacation.

The mouseover you did on the Bielstein book is pretty impressive, I might add.

naridu said...

What an amazing link, the images are quite lovely, I'm so glad I tripped across your site, now I have to go and see what other gems are tucked away in the archives. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Reegards from Croatia! :)

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