Saturday, December 02, 2006

Great Scott!


Peveril the Peak

The Abbott a


Kenilworth 1

Kenilworth detail[detail from spliced screencaps]

Ivanhoe 2

Quentin Durward

The Abbott

Ivanhoe 3

Legend of Montrose

I went looking for chicks elegant portraits of women in Edinburgh University Library's Corson Collection of Sir Walter Scott and came away with hand-coloured historical romanticism.

The majority of these images were engraved by Franz Huebner after drawings by Phillip von Stubenrauch of characters from Scott's novels. The costumes appeared in a themed parade at a ball in Vienna in 1826. The harpist and the woman who appears to be praying are undated lithographs (again, of Scott characters) by M. O'Connor.

The image collection in the Walter Scott Digital Archive consists of more than 400 etchings and engravings for the mostpart, housed within the burdensome Insight browser architecture. (previously)

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