Sunday, December 24, 2006

Conspicuous Consumption

Frozen Swan

Stabby stabby Aesthetics

Sweets Presenter

Aesthetic Kill Blades

Stripey Fish Plate

Winged Lion Blancmange

More Blades

Modest Food Preparation

Cow Head Stabbing

Cake from a Box

Stabbing the Innards

Making the Death Look Palatable

In my experience, the Festivus holiday isn't quite complete without the sight of an unwanted guest retching down the front of their clothes after being presented with a mutant 8-aorta heart from a recently felled quadruped, skilfully skewered on the trusty Teddy Bear hunting sword.

Charles Hellstern was no doubt of of the same opinion when he wrote the 1891 'Deutsch-Amerikanisches Kochbuch', online at Harvard University among the 'Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930' collection.


pita ou franck said...

A merry Christmas to you and all your family and friends , i wish you eat thinks like your today post

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of that movie, the age of "innocence"

but the swan fountain--i could see that in the backyard ;^)

warmest holiday wishes

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