Thursday, November 16, 2006

Modern Dutch Collection

van gogh book cover

'Tentoonstelling der nagelaten werken
van Vincent van Gogh (Book Cover) 1893'

Nutcracker Suite Proof
'Proofs for the Notenkraker en Muizenkoning 1898'

Art Nouveau Design Woodblock
Woodblock from the De Veeze Collection.

Calendar 1900
Two pages from a 1900 Calendar.

Dutch Almanac 1903
'Nederlandsche almanak 1903'

Meesterstukken 1868
'Meesterstukken der XIX Eeuwsche Schilderkunst 1868'

Onze Kunst 1903
'Onze Kunst - voortzetting van de vlaamscheschool. 1903'

Calendar 1898
'Kronings kalendar - 1898'

Herfstgeneurie Sheet Music
'Herfstgeneurie - Opus 35 - muziek van Cath van
Rennes ; woorden van Willem Kloos ; op steen
geteekend door Theo Goedvriend. 1900'

Invitation 1863
'De ondergeteekende wenscht mede te werken
tot de uitgave van 'Het leelijke jonge
Eendje' door T. v. Hoytema.' {Invitation, 1863}

Hoe de Vogel
'Hoe de Vogel 1892'

'Gedenkboek - uitgegeven ter gelegenheid
van het vijftigjarig bestaan van het Koninklijk Instituut
van Ingenieurs, 1847-1897 Back Cover 1900'

'Jaarboek van den Hoofdcursus te Kampen - 25e Jaargang, 1907'

The Wolfsonian-Florida International University have recently contributed the Modern Dutch Collection to the PALMM digital cooperative.

There are 633 items ranging from 1880{allegedly}-1940 and encompassing bookcovers (probably the majority), magazine and advertising images, calendars, design drawings and proofs, photographs, bindings and design/book ephemera - with a heavy emphasis on the art nouveau style. I suppose having the choice of 6 image sizes (the largest are enormous, >5Mb) makes up for the limited background information available. It is in fact a great collection.


On a completely different subject, David Mattison reports that Virginia's Richmond Daily Dispatch issued during the Civil War years has been digitized and posted online in both searchable text and image formats. It's only natural to expect that the contents will be rather depressing but I didn't anticipate that this would be the first article I would read (April 1, 1861):

Terrible skirt Accident

"The Bath Times states that on Monday forenoon Mrs. Elizabeth F. Haines was fatally burnt. She swung the back part of her dress against the glowing coal grate, and was immediately enveloped in flames. Her screams brought immediate aid. Floor rugs and pieces of carpet were used to extinguish the fire, but her spring skirt prevented the desired effect."


pushingtide said...

Goddamn that is such a great pictorial. Love the art.

Keep on truckin'.

lotusgreen said...

i love this--thank you. i love hoytema and i hadn't seen that lovely ducks one, so tganks again

pandoracomplexa said...

it´s wondeful your illustration research..thanks for share we us your discoverers

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