Thursday, August 03, 2006

Victorian Music Covers

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The Great Topical Song, 1880s

Matrimonial Galop, 1860s

The Pelican Lancers, 1880s

The Londoner's Lament, 1878

Liszt, Liszt, Oh Liszt! 1844

The Juvenile Comic Quadrille on Popular Airs,
Arranged for Little Players, 1870s

Tabby Polka, 1880s

The Crystal Fountain Polka, 1851

The Gay Photographer, 1880s

Grand Exhibition March, 1876
(view of the right and left bank of the Seine in Paris)

Crockery Ware 1880s

It is with some surprise that I admit that I actually went through and looked at all 806 of the Victorian era sheet music covers in Reading University's Spellman Collection via the wonderful Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) Visual Arts University College, UK. The vast majority are described as 'humorous' and quite a few are really funny. Never let it be said that Victorian Britain did not have a sense of humour the ridiculous.

Put 'Spellman Collection' in the image search box - results are thumbnail pages. [link updated March 2015]
Previously: American sheet music covers.


SWANclothing said...

just to let you know i blogged this and 1 other of your entries here~

Unknown said...

I've heard hundreds of covers of songs, but the Shawn Mendes's cover is the best I've ever heard!

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